Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett Supports His Favorite Gas Station Chain with Pregame Cleats

by Suzanne Halliburton

Tyler Lockett loves to honor his Oklahoma hometown. That’s why the Seattle Seahawks receiver was sporting some nifty-looking cleats, pre-game, Thursday night.

Lockett’s shoes featured a red QT logo on one side. The other sported a QuikTrip store against a blue background.

So what’s that about?

Before tonight’s Seahawks game against the Los Angeles Rams, Lockett posted a photo of the shoes on his Instagram page. He described it as his “pre-game dedication.”

Lockett wrote: “When people think of Oklahoma they just think about farm and land. But there’s so much more in Oklahoma than what people think. In the Midwest and south QuikTrip is well known. But many people don’t know that it originated in Tulsa Oklahoma!

“QuikTrip is a c on pant that’s made my city better! And I’m so appreciative that it originated in Tulsa Oklahoma as well as the headquarters! Today I dedicate this game to a company that has made my city better!
My city is beautiful!”

Tyler Lockett Turned to Well-Known Designer for His Shoes

Marcus Rivero customized the cleats for Tyler Lockett. Rivero designs for a ton of top athletes. He painted his first pair back in 2012 for Miami Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll, who’d seen his work on a friend’s Instagram. Rivero said he’d painted 20 layers on the sneakers over Carroll’s Jordans. He wasn’t thrilled with what it looked like. Neither was Carroll. But Rivero accidentally spilled some acetone on the shoes. As he took a paper towel and tried to rub it off, he accidentally created a very cool look. Rivero’s custom shoes now sell for up to $1,500 a pair.

Tyler Lockett has focused on Tulsa all season. On Sunday, when the Seahawks played San Francisco, Lockett wore cleats to honor his high school football team — the Booker T Washington Hornets. The high school class had its 10-year anniversary last weekend, but Lockett couldn’t be there. So he did the next best thing. He wrote: “To the class of 2011 I love each and everyone of y’all! We made it! Not because of our occupation but because we all have each other.” The shoes, decorated orange and black with a silver hornet, also were customized by Soles By Sir.

The Seahawks receiver, who starred for Kansas State, also wore pre-game cleats last month to honor other folks from Tulsa. A friend he used to play against in high school designed some green and blue cleats for him. And, in a pre-game “celebration” Lockett wore shoes to honor a Tulsa restaurant — Waffle That.

He wrote on Instagram: “This year I’ve chosen to dedicate this year to God as always but also my hometown! And I’ve chosen to try and let go of finding my worth and value in football. Especially based off if I play good or not in the eyes of the people. As well as the expectations of what people might think.”

Through his first four games, the Seahawks receiver is playing well, with 20 catches and three touchdowns.