Sean McVay Went on Profanity-Laced Rant to Convince Rams to Acquire Quarterback Matthew Stafford

by Dustin Schutte

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay is a man who can get things accomplished. If it means dropping a few F-bombs along the way, so be it.

One of McVay’s greatest accomplishments in his NFL coaching career was helping the Rams land quarterback Matthew Stafford before the 2021 season. That, in turn, resulted in a Super Bowl ring for Los Angeles.

How did McVay convince Rams leadership to bring Stafford to L.A.? It started with a poolside conversation between the head coach and quarterback in Cabo San Lucas in January 2021. After a few rounds of tequila, McVay made it back to his hotel room and called the front office.

After learning Stafford wanted out of Detroit, McVay put the pressure on the organization. And he did so in a profanity-laced rant.

“Here’s the f—ing deal, OK?” McVay’s rant started, per ESPN. “We can sit here and exist, and be OK winning nine to 11 games, and losing in the f—ing divisional round and feel like, ‘Oh, everything’s OK.’ Or, we could let our motherf—ing nuts hang, and go trade for this f—ing quarterback, and give ourselves a chance to go win a f—ing world championship. You ready to f—ing do this or what?”

Apparently, the Rams were “ready to f—ing do this.”

Shortly after the tirade, Stafford began packing his bags, leaving Detroit for Los Angeles. Now, McVay, Stafford and the Rams organization have a Super Bowl ring to show for it.

Mission f—ing accomplished.

Sean McVay Lands Contract Extension with Rams

In a much calmer negotiation — at least to our knowledge — Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams have agreed to a contract extension. The 36-year-old head coach hopes to lead Matthew Stafford to another Super Bowl ring in L.A.

ESPN reported on McVay’s extension earlier this week. The head coach confirmed the news while meeting with reporters following training camp. Specifics have not been revealed at this time.

“Les and I have always been a pair,” via ESPN. “We wanted to be able to announce that when both of us got (it) done. Mine is done. Les is in the process of that.”

In five seasons with the Rams, McVay has compiled a 55-26 record with four playoff appearances and to Super Bowl trips. Los Angeles claimed the Lombardi Trophy by beating the Cincinnati Bengals.