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Seattle Seahawks WR DK Metcalf Torches Patrick Peterson, NFL Fans Lose It

by Halle Ames
Seattle-Seahawks-WR-DK-Metcalf-Torches-Patrick Peterson-NFL-Fans-Lose-It
(Photo Credit: Abbie Parr / Contributor/ Getty Images)

DK Metcalf continues to amaze everyone with his unheard-of athletic ability. In yesterday’s game between the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals, he proved to be unstoppable as cornerback Patrick Peterson fails at trying to cover him.

Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals

Throughout the game, DK Metcalf is a force to be reckoned with as he burns Peterson time and time again. The Seahawks scored in their opening drive to help beat the Cardinals and extended their season record to 7 and 3, whereas the Cardinals are now 6 and 4. 

The Ole Miss alumnus had 46 receiving yards last night and one touchdown, which ultimately was enough to take the W over Arizona. In only his second season in the NFL, Metcalf has over 1,760 receiving yards as well as 16 touchdowns in his professional career. 

In the third quarter of the game, a frustrated Dre Kirkpatrick, a defensive back for the Cardinals, swung at Metcalf while they exchanged word along the sideline. Other players became involved as they tried to break up 6’4″ Metcalf and 6’2″ Kirkpatrick

In addition, Kirkpatrick received a 15-yard penalty for taunting. The Seahawks capitalized on the first down as Carlos Hyde ran for a touchdown. Fans are stunned by Kirkpatrick’s bravery, however, as Metcalf is famous for being a freak of nature that not many people would mess with.

Metcalf on Defense

The last time the two teams met up, Metcalf was praised for his ability to play both sides of the ball. When in the endzone, Metcalf was waiting for a pass from Wilson. The pass was picked off by number 32 Budda Baker, who took off to the Seahawks endzone. That didn’t mean anything for DK, who hauled down the field at a speed of nearly 23 mph. He caught Baker before he could score. The humble player didn’t think much of the play, but everyone else watching sure did.