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Seattle Seahawks Get a Real 12th Man After Officials Miss Player Run Onto the Field After Interception

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images)

The “12th man” is a big thing for the Seattle Seahawks. Usually, it’s in reference to a great crowd at Lumen Field. On Sunday, an actual 12th man ran onto the field during a play — and no flag was thrown.

The play in question came on a Derek Carr interception on the first play of the game. Seattle’s Quandre Diggs picked off a pass and started running the other direction. Before the play ended Seahawks linebacker Darrell Taylor (No. 52) came off the sideline and started blocking.

No official noticed Taylor come off the sideline and no flag was thrown. It could’ve been a significant no-call had Seattle returned the interception for a touchdown. Ultimately, it had very little impact on the play.

There were some mixed reactions from NFL fans regarding the situation. Some were upset over the no-call while others didn’t mind as much, since it had little impact on the play.

“Literally had no effect on the play why are people mad,” one fan said. Another responded by saying, “Bc it’s ridiculous that a player comes off the sideline in the middle of a play and not one ref sees it.”

As frustrated as some might be, the play also had no impact on the outcome. The Raiders defeated the Seahawks 40-34 in a thrilling overtime contest.

NFL Fans Furious at CBS for Cutting Away From Raiders-Seahawks

There was quite a bit to be mad about during Sunday’s Raiders-Seahawks game at Lumen Field. If it wasn’t the 12th man play in the first quarter, then it was CBS’ decision to air 60 Minutes instead of the overtime thriller.

NFL RedZone’s Scott Hanson told fans to flip the channel to their local CBS affiliate when the game went to overtime tied at 34-34. The problem? Most of the country tuned into 60 Minutes.

A good portion of NFL fans missed an 86-yard, game-winning touchdown run from Las Vegas running back Josh Jacobs. And, as you might imagine, everyone was furious.

“Scott Hanson told me to flip to CBS to watch the end of Raiders-Seahawks overtime and I did and it’s got 60 Minutes on it,” one individual said on Twitter. Another fan responded to that tweet, saying, “Same with me. But they have a really cool story on dog evolution going so it’s a net positive.”

“Shoutout Redzone for sending me to CBS to watch 60 minutes,” another frustrated NFL fan said.

Both NFL officials and television partners have some things to clean up before next weekend.