Seattle Seahawks Name Week 1 Starting Quarterback After Drew Lock’s Subpar Performance

by Patrick Norton

Making a lasting impression in the middle of a heated quarterback competition feels like a necessary evil. While you’re competing and going to the next level to place the ball in the coaching staff’s court, the slightest error proves costly enough. That’s the situation Drew Lock finds himself in with the Seattle Seahawks and Geno Smith.

Lock and Smith have split practice reps, but Lock’s health prohibited a fully valued NFL competition. While head coach Pete Carroll named the former Denver Broncos quarterback No. 1 on the depth chart for the second preseason week, Lock tested positive for COVID-19 shortly thereafter, ruining his chance to start and showcase with the top team.

Instead, Smith started all three preseason competitions. But the first contest, Lock threw for two touchdowns and no interceptions. In a last-ditch effort to crack the starting squad, Lock turned up the heat in the team’s final exhibition on Friday night. However, pushing his abilities to the highest level meant just one passing score, but three picks.

Immediately following the game, Carroll made the expectation official, naming Geno Smith as the team’s Week 1 starter against the Denver Broncos. “He’s going to start the opener,” Carroll said. “He’s earned it. He won the job.”

But Carroll echoed that Lock remains in good graces with the team and is appreciative of the effort and relationship both men displayed. The coach said, “They have gotten along beautifully, they’ve supported one another throughout. They really couldn’t have done that better and in more classy, great competitor fashion. They know that they need each other and all that, and they did it right.”

Geno Smith Takes Drew Lock’s Revenge Game in Week 1

While Lock wowed with his singular passing touchdown on Friday night, his performance throughout the game created an inconsistent look. Barring catastrophe before the season-opener, Lock sits on the bench while Geno Smith takes on Lock’s former team.

The competition for the starting gig is only possible because of the early offseason trade that sent Russell Wilson to Denver. In return, Seattle acquired a plethora of picks with tight end Noah Fant and Lock. Unfortunately for Lock, losing the preseason battle means losing the opportunity to show Denver the potential the organization failed to unlock in the quarterback’s two seasons with the team.

As for Russell Wilson, while the quarterback should feel no angst or need for revenge against the team that granted his trade request, the first game no longer in neon green and blue being against Seattle certainly must be producing erratic nerves.

The teams face off on the first iteration on ESPN’s Monday Night Football with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. It’s a big game feel for a Super Bowl XLVIII rematch. But the trouncing nearly a decade ago is the further from anybody’s mind while Russell Wilson returns to Seattle. Football is back.