Seattle Seahawks WR DK Metcalf Hilariously Responds to Chad Johnson Saying They are ‘Twins’

by Quentin Blount

Seattle Seahawks up-and-coming star wide receiver DK Metcalf took a jab at former NFL player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson on social media recently. Bleacher Report Grid Iron’s official Twitter account posted the exchange between the two wide receivers on their page.

“Yo @DKM14 we are twins,” Johnson said. Metcalf responded with a jab at the former pro-bowler saying, “More like my lil brotha.”

“DK hurting feelings 🤣,” the caption of the post reads.

The fact that Metcalf calls Johnson his “lil brotha” is made all the funnier when you realize there are two decades separating the two in age. Metcalf is 22 years old while Johnson is 42.

Not the First Exchange Between DK Metcalf and Chad Johnson

As most NFL fans are aware, DK Metcalf is in incredible shape. The Seahawks star wideout has the muscles of a bodybuilder and the ability to freakishly catch footballs one-handed with his insane vertical.

His measureables at 6 foot 3, nearly 230 pounds and a 1.6 percent body-fat percentage had the internet talking long before Metcalf ever stepped foot on the field in a Seahawks uniform. Metcalf also runs a 4.33 40-yard dash.

However, in a video from early this year, Johnson tried to one-up Metcalf with his own ripped body.

“DK METCALF is not bigger than me,” Johnson wrote on Twitter.

Metcalf caught wind of Johnson’s tweet, and let him know to tag him directly next time. Russell Wilson’s downfield target responded saying, “I got a twitter profile.”

Metcalf Torches Patrick Peterson

Metcalf continued to amaze everyone last week with his unheard-of athletic ability. In the Seahawks’ most recent game against the Arizona Cardinals, he proved to be unstoppable as cornerback Patrick Peterson failed at trying to cover him.

Throughout the game, Metcalf was a force to be reckoned with. The Seahawks scored in their opening drive to help beat the Cardinals and extended their season record to 7 and 3.

The Ole Miss alumnus had 46 receiving yards during the game and one touchdown, which ultimately was enough to take the W over Arizona. In only his second season in the NFL, Metcalf has over 1,760 receiving yards as well as 16 touchdowns in his professional career.