SEC Network Reporter Makes Good on Bet at UK Game, Eats Banana Peel on Air

by Jonathan Howard

Now, folks in the south take college football seriously. Very seriously. So the SEC Network crew has to take things seriously themselves. Unfortunately for them, that meant eating a banana…peel and all. Even Outsider’s own Marty Smith got caught up in the moment.

It all started before the season. Will Levis had been named as the starting quarterback. Of course, the Kentucky quarterback has a TikTok profile. In a short video, Levis posted himself eating an entire banana. Peel and all. Also, the banana was completely brown. Big football guy energy, for sure. Move over raw eggs, there’s a new superfood. Entire bananas.

Kentucky fans loved the video, others were puzzled. Ahead of today’s opening game at Kroger Field in Lexington, Levis challenged the SEC Network crew. So, Laura Rutledge, Marty Smith, and others picked up a banana and got to eating.

Surprisingly, Tim Tebow was hesitant. After seeing his coworkers take a bite, the former Florida Gators QB picked up a fruit and bit in himself. No one enjoyed it. By the looks of it, none of them could do it like Will Levis. Kentucky football isn’t known for much, so now they are the banana-eating team. Wildcats fans rejoice! Now, after the performance the QB put on in the game, he can eat his fruit how he feels like.

Will Levis Impresses on SEC Network

During the game on the field, Will Levis didn’t eat any fruit peels. However, he did impress in his first SEC Network game. After an early interception, the transfer got things under control. It quickly became an air show. With a new offensive weapon, Wandale Robinson, the Wildcats sent the ball over the defense’s head. Not to mention, Chris Rodriguez got things going early in the run game.

For the last three years, Kentucky has been all-in on the run game. Mostly out of necessity. Former quarterback Terry Wilson gave a dual-threat option before suffering a season-ending injury in his second year in blue. Every college football fan remembers the Lynn Bowden show. Bowden took wildcat, direct snap offense, and about perfected it. Last season, amid the COVID issues and more, Wilson returned but couldn’t get things going like he used to.

Now, with Levis taking snaps, the team has an identity. By the time he sat on the bench today, the Wildcats’ starting QB threw for 367 yards and four touchdowns. Airing it out over 50+ yards on more than one occasion. Being able to take the top off the defense and let your receivers outrun the secondary is insanely fun. It looks like he was the right choice.

As for the SEC Network crew, they might have more banana peels in the future. How many times can that TikTok be played this season? I have a feeling today isn’t the last time we hear about the infamous peel-eating video.