SEC on CBS Announcer Brad Nessler Reveals His Postgame Scotch and Cigar of Choice

by Suzanne Halliburton
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

There probably are quite a few college football fans who want to know this. Yes, Brad Nessler prefers scotch in his post-game wind down, when he finally gets to a quiet spot clear of crowds, coaches and players.

And he likes a good cigar. We’re also picturing him eating a steak with a baked potato and a wedge salad swimming in bleu cheese. But that’s for another story.

As Brad Nessler prepped for his the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party on CBS, he talked scotch preferences and where he buys his cigars. He’s more of a classics guy, by the way, kind of like his smooth voice. Wes Blankenship, who works for Outsider’s sister publication On3, asked Nessler these questions as part of Georgia-Florida hype week. Nessler is calling Georgia-Florida, one of college football’s beloved rivalry games. Blankenship found a tweet from an LSU fan who said he envisions Brad Nessler drinking scotch and puffing a cigar up in the booth. Well, it’s mostly true, save for the timeline. There hasn’t been liquor and cigars allowed in a working press box for decades.

So Nessler told fans how he unwinds after a game.

“I’m pretty simple now. I do do that, but not during the game,” Nessler said. “But I do as soon as the game’s over, for the most part. I am a Scotch drinker. I drink blended Scotch. If anybody wants to send me a bottle of Dewar’s, I’m here.”

Now we move from Brad Nessler and scotch, to the big cigar reveal.

“My cigar choice is Don Diego Lonsdale’s, which I get from Famous Smoke Shop. Nothing extravagant. They’re probably $8 a cigar. I don’t even know. I just buy them by bulk. You’re right. That’s kind of the way I do the game, kind of what I do after the game. So whoever sent that tweet out knows me probably better than I thought.”

But before Brad Nessler exhales and gets to decompress with a scotch, he’ll be doing Georgia-Florida. In college football circles, it’s known as the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. It’s one of the few games on the national schedule that’s played at a neutral site. Texas-Oklahoma unfolds at the Cotton Bowl, with the game coming in mid-October during the Texas State Fair. Then a couple of weeks later, it’s Georgia-Florida or Florida-Georgia, depending on where you grew up. They play this game at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Fla.

Oddsmakers don’t view this year’s installment as a close contest, with the top-ranked Bulldogs a three-touchdown favorite over the 4-3 Gators. But when rivals play at a neutral site, anything can happen. But whatever the outcome, we know what Nessler will be doing post-game. Cheers to the Bulldogs and the Gators.