Second Impact Syndrome, Fencing Discussed Following Tua Tagovailoa’s TNF Injury: What Is SIS and Its Symptoms

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

NFL viewers all saw the big hit Tua Tagovailoa took, and soon after, the broadcast brought up fencing and Second Impact Syndrome. For those who have ever been through a concussion course, you have probably heard of one of these terms, if not both.

Online and on the broadcast, fencing was brought up after the cameras showed Tua’s hands following the hard hit. His fingers were stiff and crossed. That brought up the topic of Second Impact Syndrome. Although it was speculated on the broadcast and online, this is the official word from Miami so far.

SIS is what occurs when someone suffers multiple head injuries in a short period of time. Basically, before healing from the previous one, you suffer another. While Tua reportedly passed his concussion protocols, folks weren’t happy to see Tua return to Sunday’s game after his hard hit last week. Tonight was even scarier.

Here is “The Fantasy Doc” Jesse Morse on Twitter. From his perspective, this is what the Miami quarterback went through on the field.

Seeing all of that on TV in real time was unnerving. This was a tough moment for everyone watching.

Second Impact Syndrome Becomes Hot Topic Online

Seeing Tua lay there and then watching his fingers extend out in the manner they did was stomach churning. Fans reacted in all kinds of ways some even saying it brought tears to their eyes. Here’s another reaction from someone who brought up Second Impact Syndrome.

Now, ESPN’s Mina Kimes was not a fan of Tua coming back on Sunday. She talked about it on Monday even, but what can you do? If the NFL and Miami cleared him to play, he’s clear. We will know more about what went down in the coming days, but for now, it’s all speculation.

Here’s what Kimes had to say following the incident.

You can’t say that Tua Tagovailoa isn’t tough. He came back from that hit on Sunday. Even before his big hit on Thursday night, Tua took an awkward hit below the knees. He was ready to march on down the field until the big one took him out of the game.

Let’s hope to hear good news about the QB soon. This was not fun to watch and his teammates have to be feeling awful out there on the field without him. Get well soon, Tua.