See Former Jets Star WR Brandon Marshall’s Patriots Tattoo After Losing Bet With Julian Edelman

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Jets fans look away. Brandon Marshall made a bet with Julian Edelman last week which ended with a Patriots tattoo on the Jets receiver. No one was going to win this bet in the end. The former NFL stars upped the ante by making it a permanent punishment.

With both of their former teams, the New York Jets and New England Patriots, having a competitive season the two players thought they would spice things up a bit.

The deal was set that if the Jets won, Julian Edelman would get a Jets logo tattoo. If the Patriots won, Brandon Marshall had to get a Pats logo tattoo. The two made the deal during Inside The NFL, so they have to follow through.

Well, y’all saw what went down on Sunday. The Pats and Jets both tried their hardest to lose the game, but New England ended up taking this game 10-3. It didn’t help that Zach Wilson was 9/22 from the field for just 77 yards.

“A bets a bet. And [Brandon Marshall] is a man of his word. Thanks for saving me [Patriots],” Julian Edelman captioned the Instagram post. He should thank Marcus Jones specifically for that monster punt return for a touchdown he had in the fourth quarter.

Brandon Marshall’s Jets Last in AFC East

Given the poor play at quarterback, Brandon Marshall and the rest of the Jets fanbase should be happy, despite the Pats tattoo. The 6-4 record is astonishing when you consider that stat line from Wilson’s last game. He has shown flashes, but it definitely feels like the moment is too big for him. Now the team, despite its winning record, is at the bottom of the AFC East.

When your coach says that he won’t commit to having you as the starter next week, that’s not a great place to be. Getting benched for a 37-year-old Joe Flacco is not a great place to be. Perhaps with a veteran in the backfield, the offense can at least have a field manager.

As for Brandon Marshall, I would advise he doesn’t make any more bets with Edelman. That guy just seems to have the clutch gene.