Seeing Double: Texans Punter Is Spitting Image of Comedian Bill Burr

by Jonathan Howard

If you were tuning into the Houston Texans-Seattle Seahawks game then you might have seen a familiar face with an unfamiliar name.

Punter Cameron Johnston has gone viral on Twitter. A screenshot from today’s game shows the football player without his helmet on. While the broadcast crew was showing some stats on screen for most punts this season, Johnston made an appearance.

It didn’t take long for folks to realize that the 29-year-old Australian looked awful like a Massachusetts-born comedian. None other, than Bill Burr. Check out the tweet below and see for yourself. This is seriously uncanny.

Again, this took social media by storm. Who knew that two people who clearly live two completely different lives could look so much alike. If Bill Burr got on one of those Hollywood workout regimens and took some supplements he could be like Johnston! Joking aside, I will never be able to get this out of my head.

Of course, there were dozens of replies to the tweet. Some people posted gifs. Other fans posted little comments with their best Burr joke impression. The comedian has been in the news and pop culture a lot lately. His appearance in The Mandalorian is one of the bigger roles he has had recently.

The Texans punter was just minding his own business and now he’s a meme. That’s life, I guess. While his team is 2-11 on the season, Johnston is getting a lot of reps in games. Keeping his leg loose just in case he has to take the field, or perform a tight five at the Laugh Factory.

Texans Punter Kicks Over 200 Yards

Look, if we’re being honest, the Texans are a poor team this season. They might not be the worst, but they’re close. For Bill Burr look-a-like and punter on the team, that means he gets a lot of time out on the field. Like the graphic said before everyone focused on his looks, he has punted more than anyone else in the league.

67 times he has taken the field. That trend didn’t stop or slow down during the game with Seattle. The Seahawks haven’t had a perfect year, but a much better one than Houston. This game was close in the first half. Then the second half happened.

While the halftime score was 16-13 in favor of Seattle, the second half would just not be Houston’s half. When they needed to come out with fire and tenacity they limped out onto the field and almost rolled over.

The Seahawks completely shut out the Texans’ offense in the second half. That meant that Cameron Johnston was out on the field a lot today. Five times to be exact. His five punts amassed 229 yards. That good enough for almost 46 yards per punt. He was able to land one inside the 20.

The Houston Texans lost a tough one 33-13 at home.