Seven Michigan State Football Players Facing Charges After Michigan Stadium Tunnel Incident

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

After a postgame scuffle in the tunnels, seven Michigan State football players are facing charges ranging in severity. Video came out showing several of the college football players throwing punches and kicks at a Michigan Wolverine player after their game on October 29.

The incident is being referred to as the “October 29 Michigan Stadium Tunnel Incident” and the news broke this afternoon. Tony Garcia posted the details on Twitter and it isn’t good for these players.

Khary Crump is being charged with felonious assault, and Jacoby Windon is getting hit with assault & battery. The other five players are all being charged with aggravated assault.

The statement shared by Garcia on Twitter detailed the process that law enforcement and others went through to get to this moment.

“All charges are merely allegations. Those charged are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty,” the statement says.

“We understand and appreciate the widespread interest in this matter. Consistent with the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct, however, we cannot and do not engage in pretrial publicity around pending cases.”

In the aftermath of the incident at Michigan Stadium, there was video released by ESPN as well as video captured separately in the tunnel. Fights on the field are common in college football. However, this was just beyond the norms of a heated rivalry.

Michigan State Suspended Four Players Before Charges Filed

Before the charges were filed, Michigan State football did suspend four players. Tank Brown, Khary Crump, Angelo Grose, and Zion Young were suspended indefinitely and effective immediately on October 30. All four players are listed among those charged on Wednesday.

So, it feels as though those players will remain suspended through this ordeal. The Spartans definitely want to put this behind them as soon as they can. However, this new information means that there will be legal issues to work through at this point.

When rivalries get intense, fans love it. When things like the tunnel incident at Michigan happen, it’s far more than rivalry and gets into serious repercussions. It will be interesting to see where these charges go and what it means for the players involved and their team.