WATCH: Shane Lowry’s Caddie Hilariously Wears Birkenstock Sandals During BMW Championship

by Chris Haney

On Sunday, PGA Tour golfer Shane Lowry posted a hilarious clip from this weekend’s BMW Championship that showed his caddie Brian Martin wearing Birkenstock sandals on the golf course. Following the weekend, Lowry barely missed out on finishing in the Top 30 of the FedEx Cup points standings. However, at least he found some amusement out of his caddie’s situation on Saturday.

Previous to Sunday’s final round, Lowry posted a clip from the BMW Championship’s broadcast. It showed Lowry’s caddie carrying his golf bag and walking the course in Birkenstock sandals. The 35-year-old Irish golfer joked that he played so poorly on the front nine during the third round that, “I got Jesus on the bag for the back [nine].”

As for the announcers of the BMW Championship, they too were confused by the sight of sandals at the Wilmington Country Club in Delaware. That made for some amusing chatter during the broadcast.

“Am I overly perplexed right now?” one of the announcers said.

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” another announcer asked.

“That is Brian Martin, Shane Lowry’s caddy, walking in sandals,” the first announcer shared.

“Are those Birkenstocks he’s actually caddying in? This can’t be real,” the other announcer amusingly added.

“We’re gonna need to know the story behind that,” they said on the broadcast. “Is this a lost wager? Is this just it’s hot out? Are those comfortable?”

“I think he’s just trying to level out the sock tan,” one announcer hilariously said. “Now he wants the strap tan.”

Shane Lowry Explains Why His Caddie Wore Birkenstock Sandals

Shane Lowry shot 3-over par on the front nine on Saturday. He’d go on to shoot an even-par and finish the day at 71. Following the third round, the golfer explained why his caddie wore sandals on the back nine. The quick answer is that the caddie was dealing with blisters.

While back home on Monday before the BMW Championship, Shane Lowry bought his caddie Brian Martin new shoes. Lowry brought the shoes along to the event for the caddie to wear, but they didn’t work out as expected.

“He loves those Jordan runners,” Lowry said to reporters, according to Golfweek. “They’re comfortable or whatever. … He just got really bad blisters.”

“On the ninth I said, ‘Have you got your sandals with you, your Birkenstocks?’ And he did,” Lowry added. “So I said, ‘Why not wear them for the back nine?’ I mean, it’s dry, it’s fine, and they’re comfy, so yeah. … Looked like Jesus out there.”

Lowry would go on to finish the final round with a score of 68, but a late bogey on Hole 17 would come back to bite him. Following the tournament, the Irishman was projected to make the Top 30 in FedEx Cup points standings for the first time. Instead, Adam Scott knocked him out. Therefore Lowry will miss out once again on qualifying for the Tour Championship.