Shannon Sharpe Addresses Paul George Comments, Early-Season Play: ‘Did He Call Himself ‘Regular-Season P?”

by Joe Rutland

Shannon Sharpe came out swinging on Tuesday about Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George and his rather less-than-stellar early-season play.

Sharpe, who co-hosts Fox Sports’ “Undisputed” with Skip Bayless, brought up that George calls himself “Playoff-P” and talked about his regular-season play right now.

“Now he didn’t call himself ‘Regular-Season P,” Sharpe said. “Did he call himself ‘Regular-Season P’ or did he call himself ‘Playoff-P?’

“Because if you go back and look at his history over the last five years, you look at his last two years in Indy, and see what happened,” Sharpe said. “You look at his two years in OKC (Oklahoma City Thunder) and see what happened. Look at last year at the Clippers and see what happened.”

Shannon Sharpe Brings Up George’s Time With Thunder

“‘Playoff-P?’ Now we’re hyping about the regular season,” Sharpe said. “You played good in the regular season last year. Your last year at OKC, Skip, he finished third in the MVP. But what did he do come playoff time? Russ (Westbrook) out there, balling out of his mind, got 44, 45.”

Sharpe said he needs to see the guy that is currently playing for the Clippers is the one he needs to see at playoff time.

“And then me and Paul George can sit down and have a conversation,” Sharpe said. “You can be mad at the media all you want but we’re not call you a ‘soft-a– you-know-what.’

“That’s your peers. So you gotta convince them, you ain’t gotta convince me,” Sharpe said. “I ain’t nobody, Skip. I ain’t putting on shorts and going out on an NBA court. Convince those guys because those are the guys who are talking to you sideways. They don’t say that about KD (Kevin Durant), they don’t say that about Kobe, they don’t say that about Bron (LeBron James).”

Here’s a look at Sharpe sharing his thoughts with Bayless.

Sharpe played for 12 seasons with the Denver Broncos and two with the Baltimore Ravens in the National Football League.

He was among the Class of 2011 inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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