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Shannon Sharpe Apologizes for Altercation With Dillon Brooks at Grizzlies-Lakers Game

by Dustin Schutte
Undisputed host Shannon Sharpe
(Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images)

Shannon Sharpe has issued an apology for his actions during Friday night’s Grizzlies-Lakers game. The former NFL star and Undisputed co-host got into an argument with Memphis’ Dillon Brooks while attending the contest.

Sharpe started jawing with Brooks and things eventually escalated and Ja Morant and other members of the Grizzlies got involved. The FS1 analyst had to be escorted out of the arena.

“I want to apologize for my behavior,” Sharpe said. “You know, I’ve preached for the last six-and-a-half years, responsibility and accountability. And I take full responsibility for what transpired.

“It does not matter what Dillon Brooks said or how many times he said it. … I was wrong.”

After the incident, ESPN captured a quote from Sharpe on the situation.

“They didn’t want this smoke, Dave. They do all that talking and jockeying and I aint about that jockeying. it started with Dillon Brooks. I said he was too small to guard LeBron. He said, ‘F***’ me. I said ‘F***’ you back. He started to come at me and I said, ‘You don’t want these problems.,’” Sharpe said in a quote shared by ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin.

Several Grizzlies Get Involved in Shannon Sharpe Spat

Shannon Sharpe’s “conversation” might’ve started with Dillon Brooks but it ended with the entire Memphis Grizzlies roster. Things escalated and nearly the entire bench got into the former NFL tight end’s face.

After the incident with Brooks, Sharpe then started jawing with Ja Morant and his father, Tee. Then Steven Adams and others walked over to intervene.

Eventually, Sharpe had to be escorted off the floor.

Typically, Sharpe is the fan favorite on Undisputed, especially with his co-host being Skip Bayless. Not many people liked what they saw out of the former NFL star over the weekend, though.