Shannon Sharpe Gives Hilarious Advice to Notre Dame CB After Being Left ‘Speechless’ by Devonta Smith

by Will Shepard

Shannon Sharpe, like many football fans across the world, is watching Notre Dame be demolished by Alabama. In particular, Devonta Smith is having a monster game.

More importantly, Sharpe is taking note of how good Devonta Smith is at football. Smith is widely regarded as the best wide receiver in college football this year. Alabama is always a juggernaut, and this year is no exception.

Even though Alabama didn’t have the ball as long as Notre Dame, they capitalized on most scoring chance they received. Moreover, Devonta Smith has been massacring his matchups.

Smith lit up the Rose Bowl, to the tune of 7 catches for 3 touchdowns and 130 yards. So, Shannon Sharpe feels bad for the Notre Dame cornerbacks who have to guard Smith.

In his own words, he says that the Notre Dame coach really can’t do anything about Devonta Smith. Sharpe seems to be saying that the Alabama offense is far too talented to be contended with.

Shannon Sharpe’s High Praise For Devonta Smith

As the game is wrapped up now, it seems that Sharpe’s words of advice to the Notre Dame coach ring true. The only thing that could have been done to stop Smith was to make him wear cinderblocks on his feet. But, even then he still might have gotten seven catches.

Undoubtedly, Smith will be the first wide receiver off the board for the NFL draft this year, and for good reason. He is one of the most talented receivers in the last few years in college football.

Moreover, the wide receiver is drawing comparisons to exceptionally talented current and former NFL players. In particular, Smith is being compared to Hall of Fame wide receiver, Marvin Harrison. This is incredibly high praise for the young Alabama pass catcher and seconds Sharpe’s tweet.

Sharpe will certainly be talking a lot about Devonta Smith’s excellent performance on FOX Sport’s Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.