Shannon Sharpe Hilariously Trolls Dabo Swinney with Twisted Tea Meme

by Atlanta Northcutt

NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe isn’t getting his disagreement with Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney twisted as he releases a hilarious meme involving an assault by a can of Twisted Tea.

The meme is taken from a viral video showing two men getting into a physical altercation inside of a Circle K. The man at the counter continues to taunt his aggressor by saying, “smack me.” He eventually ends up twisted by a can of Twisted Tea.

Shannon Sharpe Twists A Viral Video Into a Meme

NFL Hall of Famer and co-anchor of FOX Sports’ Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe, cleverly edited the original video. He shared it to social media on Saturday in order to troll Swinney.

The man standing at the counter who becomes rocked by the can is now displayed wearing the head of the Tigers’ coach. While the head of the man doing the smashing dons an Ohio State University football helmet.

Sharpe’s own face is placed on the bystander in the background. He views the hard hit sending “Swinney” falling backwards.

Clemson Tigers’ Head Coach Dabo Swinney Gets Cocky

Before Friday night’s game between Ohio State and Clemson, the Tigers’ head coach Dabo Swinney became a little too cocky. He ranked the Ohio State Buckeyes as the No. 11 team in the nation.

The Buckeyes’ 49-28 massive win against Clemson led many football fans to make negative, yet humorous remarks against Swinney.

After losing to the team Swinney ranked as No. 11, the backlash began online, and the coach began to backtrack.

“They’re a great team,” Swinney said, per ESPN. “[The ranking] had nothing to do with Ohio State. I said they were good enough to beat us, good enough to win the whole dang thing. But I didn’t think anybody that didn’t play at least nine games, in my poll, I wasn’t going to put them in the top 10.

“So I wasn’t going to change that just because there was a chance we could play them. So I don’t have any regret about that,” Swinney continued. “Only thing I regret is obviously not doing a good enough job getting my team ready. But I don’t regret anything about that at all.”

Sharpe and Thousands of Fans Troll Clemson Head Coach

Thanks to Sharpe’s skillful trolling sports fans can start the new year out with a good laugh.