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Shannon Sharpe Makes Blistering ‘Cougar Hunting’ Comment About Zach Wilson

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Not one to hold back with his criticism, Shannon Sharpe threw some shade at New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, who was benched during the Jets vs. Bears game on Sunday (November 27th). 

While praising fellow Jets quarterback Mike White for his playing abilities during Sunday’s game, Shannon Sharpe made the not-so-friendly comment about Wilson. “Mike White threw for 300 yards. You look at those conditions — it wasn’t like it was 75 and sunny — and he was spinning like he was in a phone booth,” Sharpe stated on FS1’s Undisputed. “I’m sorry, Zach, you might have to go cougar hunting again, but you ain’t getting that job back unless Mike White [gets hurt], knock on wood.”

Shannon Sharpe’s “cougar hunting” comment is a reference to Wilson’s ex-girlfriend, Abbey Gile. She had accused him of cheating on her with his mom’s best friend. Wilson was benched at Sunday’s game after a 10-3 loss against the New England Patriots. 

Sharpe continued to praise White, who threw for 315 yards and three touchdowns during the latest game. “This is Mike White’s job, at least for [the rest of this] season. He did a great job. He got guys involved.

Sharpe then compared the team’s playing with White to Wilson. “If you look at the offense, and how it looked compared to how it looked with Zach Wilson,” he continued. “It looked night and day different. Garrett Wilson and [Elijah] Moore had their best games of the season.”

Shannon Sharpe Continues to Praise New York Jets Quarterback Mike White

Shannon Sharpe wasn’t done praising White for his playing ability. He then spoke about how White actually brought excitement to the game for both the fans and the team.

“Did you see everybody, how excited they were after the game?” Shannon Sharpe continued. “They were like, ‘We got a chance!’ As a receiver, Skip, I want to win. But at least I want a chance if I go out there and run a good route the guy will get me the ball. He ain’t gonna skip it to me. He’s not gonna throw it 10 feet over my head. You want a quarterback that guys are excited about playing with. You can’t force Zach Wilson on them.”

White caused quite a stir on Sunday and the celebration continued even during a post-game interview with FOX sideline reporter, Pam Oliver. While speaking to Oliver, White was interrupted by his teammates cheering and celebrating. White then spoke about his teammates by saying, “They show up to work every day, put their head down, we all – it was our preparation and our mindset.”

White also stated that the team took last week’s game against the Patriots as a challenge. “We wanted to come out here and play the football game that we know we can play.”