Shannon Sharpe Mourns the Loss of His Dog: ‘Daddy Loves You’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Shannon Sharpe, the FS1 host and former NFL star, knows the pure love and loyalty of man’s best friend. And he announced some heartbreaking news about a precious member of the family.

Sharpe’s fuzzy, sweet Tarzan died unexpectedly this week. He announced the news on his Instagram account and included a gallery of photos dedicated to Tarzan’s memory. Fellow dog lovers know his emotional pain.

“It’s with tremendous sadness that I share with you my Tarzan (Tuggs, Tuggman) Sharpe has crossed over. What would I give, spend to have 1 more hour, day let alone a yr with the sweetest little boy ever? Taz (baby) will miss his big bro, but I’ll take very good care of him for you.

“Tuggs, know daddy loves you and tell Bo, Tonkaman and Rooney, daddy said: share the treats. I will see you and all my boys again and when I do, I’ll shower you all with love for the lost time. No more pain, suffering now go play and enjoy your new hm. Somethings, can only be seen thru the eyes that have cried.”

Shannon Sharpe is a huge lover of dogs. They’re part of his family. He grew up with a beagle and his uncle’s hunting dogs. When he played for the Denver Broncos, fans knew how much he adored his four-legged creatures. And Sharpe loves all breeds, no matter the size.

Tarzan was a tiny Pomeranian. He also had a brother named Taz, another Pomeranian.

Earlier this year, the Sharpe family also lost Tonkaman, who was a giant Bullmastiff.

Shannon Sharpe Was a Football Great. He’s Also a Dog Expert

We all know Shannon Sharpe knows football. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame a decade ago. Sharpe finished his NFL career with tight end records for receptions (815), receiving yards (10,060) and receiving touchdowns (62).

But Sharpe also is a dog expert. He worked as an analyst for the Westminster Dog Show three years ago. His vacation coincided with the famous dog show, so he joined the TV crew covering it.

“I think (viewers) will be surprised I’m a dog lover,” Shannon Sharpe told reporters back in 2018. “But I think they’ll be more shocked about my knowledge of dogs. I know the breeds, I know what [judges] are looking for, and I know how the judges are judging.” 

Sharpe added: “I’ve followed this show for probably 30 years. I grew up on a farm so I’ve been around animals all my life. I’ve had dogs for the last 26 years.”

“I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be able to be a correspondent,” he added.

Sharpe’s dog family also has included Rottweilers and Akitas.