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Shannon Sharpe Savagely Roasts Deion Sanders Over His Amputated Toes

by Caitlin Berard
(Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

Is there anything better than a best friend? Someone to lean on in tough times. To celebrate every win and accomplishment. To make fun of you after you lose two toes due to a rare condition. In a true friendship, such as that between Shannon Sharpe and Deion Sanders, nothing is off-limits. They say laughter is the best medicine, after all.

For the most recent episode of his Club Shay Shay podcast, Shannon Sharpe journeyed to Colorado to visit his longtime friend, University of Colorado Boulder head coach Deion Sanders.

Since his toes were amputated late last year, Deion Sanders hasn’t shown his new foot to the public. But he decided to finally make the reveal with his good friend Shannon on the NFL legend’s popular podcast.

Shannon Sharpe’s Hilarious Roast of Deion Sanders’ Amputated Toes

When Sharpe arrived at the Buffalo’s facilities in Boulder, he found Deion resting on a massage chair, the head coach receiving a circulation massage on his three-toed foot. Without missing a beat, Shannon Sharpe looks at his friend’s foot and bursts out, “Man, where’s the big toe?!” And it only goes downhill from there.

“So no more sandals for you, no flip-flops for you, huh?” Shannon says, his arm consolingly around his pal. “Maybe they do a special flip-flop!” he added, no longer able to control his laughter.

The pair giggling wildly, Deion looks straight at the camera and declares, “He ain’t no good. Who comes to visit a man just to go at my toes?!”

After a good-natured “if the shoe was on the other foot…” jab, Shannon Sharpe finished his razz session with his best quip yet. “That’s one thing about my homeboy. He’s gonna be eight toes down for ya,” Shannon said with a grin, causing the pair to burst into laughter once again.

Deion Sanders Explains He Almost Lost His Life to Blood Clots

Though Shannon Sharpe and Deion Sanders spent plenty of time joking about Sanders’ unfortunate condition, they also made time for a serious discussion.

When Sanders went to the hospital in September of 2021, both he and the doctors assumed it would be a routine procedure to correct a dislocated toe. A few weeks after the surgery, however, Sanders’ condition took an unexpected turn for the worse.

“They almost had to take, not just the toe but the foot, maybe even come up the leg,” Sharpe said, recounting the horrific incident.

“First it was the leg from the knee down because it wasn’t getting no blood,” Sanders explained. “Then it was life. And then it was two toes. And I thank God that it got to two toes.”

But even in the midst of Deion Sanders’ harrowing story, Shannon Sharpe couldn’t help but get in one last joke. “So you like a sloth now, three toes,” Sharpe said, drawing another laugh from his friend.