Shannon Sharpe Sounds Off on Tony Romo’s Commentary After Watching Baker Mayfield’s ‘Terrible Decision’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Shannon Sharpe didn’t like the Baker Mayfield throw and he certainly didn’t like the Tony Romo commentary about it.

So Sharpe, a Fox Sports analyst, used his Twitter account to voice his displeasure with the Mayfield pass, which was intercepted by a Kansas City defender late in Cleveland’s 33-29 loss to the Chiefs.

“Baker must learn to live another day,” wrote Sharpe, the former All-Pro tight end. “That’s a terrible decision, resulted in a turnover and ends the gm. Take the sack or throw it out of bounds. Don’t try and be heroic in that situation #NFLSunday #BrownsvsChiefs.

What Sharpe said is what any offensive coordinator would tell his quarterback. Live to play another down. Tony Romo, who started at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys before he became the lead NFL analyst for CBS, knows the adage well.

Sharpe Grew Twitter Irritated When Someone Mentioned Tony Romo

Then one of Sharpe’s followers chastised him for the Tweet, replying, “Romo said he was tryin to throw it away but was tripped , turn ya sound on.”

And Sharpe had this to say about Tony Romo, who really had no role in the social media conversation.

Sharpe tweeted: “I don’t give a DAMN what Romo said, he’s watching gm just like me. Throw the F’ing ball away.”

It’s funny. Some fans thought Tony Romo favored Mayfield during the telecast. Cleveland Brown devotees believed Romo loved Mahomes the most.

“I wish my wife loved me as much as Tony Romo loves anything the Chiefs do,” tweeted Cleveland news site Dawgs By Nature.

Both Sharpe and Tony Romo talked a lot about one bad throw Baker Mayfield made. It came with about 1 minute to go in the game at Arrowhead Stadium. The Browns built a 12-point lead over the Chiefs, the two-time defending AFC champions. Then they blew the lead, late.

Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes were going head to head the whole way. They know each other well. They grew up in Texas and both played for Texas Tech, although not at the same time. The first time the two faced each other was in 2016, when Mayfield’s Oklahoma Sooners edged Mahomes’ Red Raiders, 66-59. Each quarterback threw seven touchdown passes.

Romo Loves All Good Quarterbacks

Mahomes now is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. Mayfield is trying to reach that elite status. And Tony Romo loves them both.

Sharpe continued to blast Mayfield and stuff Tony Romo said. Someone wrote: “Tony Romo thinks he was throwing it away and just got tripped.”

Sharpe’s reply: “All those picks he had he would say he was throwing it away.”

After the game, Mayfield said he was trying to heave the ball out of bounds. Cleveland coach Kevin Stefanski told reporters in post game:

“Really disappointing,” Stefanski said. “We didn’t play our best when it mattered, didn’t coach our best when it mattered. … Now we have to turn around and play the 1-0 Houston Texans at our place. … You’ve got to flush this one very quickly.

You can be the judge of what happened on the play that drew Sharpe’s ire and an excuse from Tony Romo.

From the video, Mayfield faced an intense rush. He avoided the first wave of Kansas City defenders, then was hit as he threw.