Shannon Sharpe Trolls Cowboys Fans: ‘Your Pain Brings Me So Much Joy’

by Charles Craighill

With their 23-19 loss to the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys have officially been eliminated from playoff contention. Former NFL wide receiver and Television analyst Shannon Sharpe has made sure the Cowboys fans know. He roasted them in a recent video posted to Twitter. Needless to say, his eccentric personality held nothing back.  

“Know y’all think I get great pleasure from making memes and creating sketches when the Cowboys lose,” Shanon Sharpe said in the Twitter video. “And you would be exactly right. I thoroughly enjoy it. Because your pain brings me so much joy.”

NFC East Playoff Picture

As Shannon Sharpe says, the Cowboys won’t “make no playoff noise” after their loss. This leaves the NFC East in the hands of the Washington Football Team. If the Football Team can pull off a win against the Eagles, they will make the playoffs. If not, however, the New York Giants will represent the NFC East in the playoffs this year. 

No matter which NFC East team makes the playoffs, they won’t fare too well. The Football Team and the Giants will both have a losing record entering the playoffs this year. Either team will have the worst record in the playoffs by a long shot. In fact, several teams that missed the playoffs will still have a better record than the NFC East representative. 

Shannon Sharpe Shows Off LeBron Bottle Service

In the Twitter video, Shannon Sharpe shows off a fancy bottle of liquor. The bottle looks to have his name on it above the logo that reads “Lobos” with “extra añejo.”

Sharpe says that the bottle came from LeBron and his boys, and again says “good eye LeBron” at the end of the video. Sharpe is known to have a good taste in liquor, so his compliment to LeBron carries some weight.