Shaq Joins Baker Mayfield in UFO Claims: ‘I Could Swear I Saw a Flying Saucer’

by Emily Morgan

In case you missed it, basketball legend, Shaq, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and left viewers with an out-of-this-world story.

During his appearance on Monday night, Kimmel asked Shaq about his thoughts on UFOs, to which he told a story no one saw coming. According to the basketball star, he had an other-worldly experience when he reportedly saw a UFO in 1997.

“In Madera, California, and right when we passed the fairground, I could swear I saw a flying saucer come down with all the lights and it was spinning and then it took off,” he told Kimmel. “We all looked at each other and it was like, I know it was a UFO. I don’t care what anybody says.

According to Shaq, he was with friends on a double date at the time, and they were coming home from a Hollywood Video in Madera, Calif. During the drive, that’s when he claims he made the stunning discovery that he would never forget.

Shaq Becomes Latest Athlete To Reveal Potential UFO Sighting

Shaq added that he had never told anyone the story of his UFO sighting, fearing that people would just call him crazy. Yet, Shaq is the latest athlete to reveal his UFO encounter. Recently Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield also confessed that he, too, once saw a UFO.

After an incident in March, Mayfield insists that he and his wife, Emily, saw a UFO while out to dinner in Texas.

“We were driving home from dinner,” he said on Monday via “Just driving back home and had the music going. It was one of those things [Emily] was looking down at her phone in the passenger seat. It was nighttime so when you’re looking at your phone screen, everything is dark around you and you can only see that light, but it was bright enough to where it caught her attention, too.

“We kind of just looked at each other, ‘Did you just see that? Yeah.’ Other people in that area confirmed, too.”

Now, it looks like Mayfield has even gotten the federal government’s support after the Pentagon announced that their unclassified photos and videos of UFOs were real.

“I’m a firm believer in UFOs and Sasquatch,” Mayfield said Monday via “It’s real. I saw it. I’m glad the Navy finally confirmed some more pictures. Now everybody doesn’t think I’m as crazy. I believe.”

Unlike Shaq, he didn’t care that people might think he’s crazy.