Shaquille O’Neal Addresses Riot at U.S. Capitol: ‘You Know There’s a Problem’

by Will Shepard

America is less than 24 hours away from the riot at the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. However, the shock waves from the riot are still rocking the country. Shaquille O’Neal, on his show NBA on TNT, talks about his perception of what transpired.

The African-American community is especially rocked by the breach of the Capitol Building. So, tonight (Jan. 7), O’Neal used his platform to share his views on the riot.

Although O’Neal is not usually known for his somber, poignant, concise takes, today’s remarks are important. As one of the most prominent people in basketball, if not sports, his words will undoubtedly be taken seriously.

“So, obviously we saw an attack on our country, an attack on our democracy. And for all the people that sit back and think in 2022 that there is no white privilege, you saw it yesterday.”

The strain that O’Neal feels is visible. He looks tired, tired of having the same narrative play out over and over again. Even though this situation is still resolving itself, anyone can tell that O’Neal has had enough of the problems in our country.

Shaquille O’Neal Unabatedly Talks About The Riot

O’Neal is straight-faced as he shares his thoughts on yesterday’s protest. Just as many millions around the country feel, he says that it would be a very different outcome for black people.

“If you have to ask yourself what if that was black people, you know that there is a problem. We protest and we chant, we do this and they call the National Guard. We have the courtesy to say that we’re coming on Wednesday. And what do you do Tuesday night? You call the National Guard, and you have them stand there at the steps.”

Adamantly, O’Neal addressing how the situation would have been very different with a different colored person. He makes it very clear that he and the rest of the black community are sick of being treated as lesser people. He continues his thoughts though further expounding on how differently white people are treated.

“[When] we are marching, and we are doing whatever, we still get beat up. You’ve got these cats, the privileged cats, they run into the Capitol, which is not supposed to happen, and they get to do what they want. And it’s still going on.”

However, he says that change is coming, that it is happening, and that it needs to be soon. He also says that there are a lot of people working to change the current status of America.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s still going on. But, the good thing about us is we are starting to make changes. So, now the people that we are making changes with, they have a job to do. They have the job to start making things turn around.”