Shirtless Cowboy Gives Security a Rodeo, Running Across Field at Astros Game

by Megan Molseed

The outfield at the Astros’ Minute Maid Park saw quite a bit of action during the ninth inning of the Houston team’s matchup against the Tampa Bay Rays Wednesday; when two rebellious fans stormed the field. Giving the Houston Astros security detail a run for its money.

One of the wayward fans stormed the field while shirtless. However, the unruly fan did make sure to show his team spirit – and solidarity for his Astros – by sporting a gigantic orange foam cowboy hat.

The other rowdy runner who rushed the field with the giant-hatted Astros fan was clad in a Houston shirt.

This runner added some support for his Texas team with a foam finger on his hand…which stayed on the entire chase…as he bobbed and weaved his pursuers on the field, avoiding security during the defiant jog around the Minute Maid Park baseball field.

Some Quick Footwork

Footage of the hilarious event shows the two men as they dart around the outfield, avoiding the security guards who quickly surround them.

One person who witnessed the event took to social media comparing the wild Wednesday night moment to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s famous calf scramble event.

After sidestepping security over, and over, and even wiggling out of a few near grasps, the duo seemed to eventually run out of steam. The foam Finger guy was eventually tackled.

And, in what only seems to be a show of solidarity, Orange-Hat-Guy stops, puts his hands up..putting an end to the fiasco, and lays down on the field, accepting his fate.

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

During his run around the outfield, Orange-Hat-Guy pulls his cell phone out of his pants pocket…and it looks as if he’s documenting the moment in a selfie. This makes sense because “pics or it didn’t happen” right?

In all, it took not one, not two, three, or even seven, Astros security guards to take down the wild fans.

It took nine total to wrangle the runners down, and finally, take them into custody. In fact, one of the Tampa Bay Rays players got in on the action cornering the two runners.

A Good Luck Run?

While what these fans did was highly illegal, and both are likely facing quite a few charges for their spirited misbehavior, it was likely something that put a smile on the faces of Astro fans.

Especially after the tough night, the team had overall. The Astros fell to the Tampa Bay Rays in a 7-0 blowout loss that evening.

But, maybe to two rebellious fans were a bit of good luck, overall.

When the two teams met again on the field Thursday evening, the Astros made up for their 0-7 loss the night before, defeating the Rays 3-2…taking the team straight to its tenth AL West division title.