‘SI’ Swimsuit Model Camille Kostek Dishes on Her ‘Clean-Eating’ Habits: ‘I Don’t Count Calories’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Details, please. How does Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Camille Kostek maintain her fabulous curves?

Hint, Camille Kostek isn’t about obsessing over calories. She addressed the issue recently on her Instagram Story.

“I get asked A LOT about my diet, what I eat in a day, what my restrictions are etc.,” Kostek said. “Here is the MAIN takeaway from these questions. I have been living this way for years: I don’t count calories, I count chemicals.”

“It’s always been my goal to eat as clean as possible as much as possible. Making meals/snacks/drinks with ingredients I know and understand. When I’m out to eat this is much harder/or on the road at airports/on sets etc and I allow myself to eat unhealthy when I’m in a mood to and ENJOY IT.”

Kostek is an athlete and she approaches eating much like an athlete in training. She appeared on the cover of the 2019 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. And now, her business is her size-inclusive and affordable swimsuit/athleisure line.

Camille Kostek Revealed Another Detail About Diet

It’s why she prefers to buy organic and skips processed foods. Fresh is best. She then revealed another way she chooses to eat and maintain her healthy appearance.

“I am vegetarian,” Camille Kostek said. “Lately working to be mostly dairy free to see how this will greatly change my body/mind. I only buy gluten free options for my home. When I’m out I order the gluten free option there. If it’s not available and I’m truly craving the gluten… I’ll eat it and enjoy it. I don’t drink coffee (taste buds are simply not a fan) I love herbal teas juices & smoothies. LOTS of water.”

And with her eating recommendations, she also posted a snap of what she eats for a meal. She used gluten-free bread and added avocado, hummus, vegetables and pesto. Kostek fixed a berry smoothie and chased it all down with a bottle of water. She snacked on fresh berries.

Here’s another tip from Camille Kostek:

“When I like something I take a pic to remember when I feel stumped at the grocery store,” she said. “We have been on a journey of learning about what our different bodies love and respond well to and things that leave us in pain, inflamed or fatigued from! OH and I RARELY drink alcohol.”

Kostek Celebrated Premiere of New Movie

After all, Camille Kostek needs to look the part, literally. She celebrated the premiere of her first film earlier this month in New York. In Free Guy, the movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer, she played “Bombshell.” The movie hit theaters Aug. 13.

Camille Kostek is awaiting the start of the NFL regular season. Her boyfriend is Tampa Bay Buccaneer tight end Rob Gronkowski.

And she’s also busy with her new clothing line. It includes 34 pieces, all for $125 or less. The line is size inclusive. You can wear the swimsuits at the pool, lake or beach. And if you need to shop or eat lunch with your friends, you can throw on some of Kostek’s loungewear.

You know how Camille Kostek dresses. And now you know how she eats.