‘SI’ Swimsuit Model Camille Kostek Re-Introduces Herself to Followers in White Hot Checkered Top

by Suzanne Halliburton

Camille Kostek reintroduced herself to all her social media followers as if they needed to know who she was.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and fashion designer showed off a white checkered crop top. It showed just enough skin to make the outfit sexy, without being overt. Fans of her boyfriend, Rob Gronkowski, already knew about Kostek. Now, she enjoys a far wider audience than just fans of the NFL.

Camille Kostek wrote:

“Lots of new people here so I’m just here to say …. HELLO & WELCOME to a little look into my movie Life 📽 thank you for being here to watch the pieces of my journey I share. I have the coolest most down to earth beings in my audience I swear!!! So if that’s you, then I hope you stay a while.”

Camille Kostek Celebrated Role in Free Guy

Camille Kostek is celebrating that she checked another one of her life goals off the list. She thought acting would be cool, telling Maxim last year:

“You’ve been in the movie theater and you think, ‘oh that would be so cool to be on the big screen like that,” Camille Kostek told the magazine. “My name is now ‘Bombshell.’ It was quite the name to live up to when you hear castmates saying, ‘Good morning, Beauty. Good morning, Bombshell.’” 

Kostek is Bombshell in the new Ryan Reynolds sci-fi movie Free Guy. Reynolds plays Guy, a bank teller who leads a mundane life in a video game. Then he meets Molotov Girl, played by Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer. She’s actually a game programmer. The movie had its world premiere, complete with the red carpet, last week in New York. Camille Kostek posted a photo of herself in her long, sparkly, mixed metallic dress. Kostek resembled a sun-kissed beach beauty with her long, blond hair, styled as “Veronica Lake.” In other words, Kostek looked the part of a “Bombshell.”

She wrote on Instagram: “Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank my team that allowed me to feel like an old Hollywood glam Barbie for the Free Guy movie world premiere.”

Kostek tagged and thanked her stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser and clothing designer. “I thrive around that energy,” Camille Kostek said. “Especially before moments like this and thank you.”

Plus, Kostek is all about showing off her own designs and products she endorses. With the new movie, she knows she has a new audience.

Earlier this year, Kostek, a former NFL cheerleader, introduced her new swimsuit and athleisure line. The Camille Kostek line sports 34 pieces. It’s size-inclusive and no piece sells for more than $125. You can wear the swimsuits at the pool, lake or beach, then throw on some loungewear and head off for brunch or shopping.

Camille Kostek even showed off her endorsement of hair ties. Her best friend’s company makes them.

So welcome to the world of Camille Kostek. It now includes the movies.