CHECK IT OUT: Si Woo Kim Rocks Incredible PGA Tour Sweater on Thursday at Open Championship

by Bryan Fyalkowski

As the great Deion Sanders once said: You look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play good. You play good, they pay good. They pay good, you live good. You live good, you eat good. If Si Woo Kim lives by those words, he will definitely be eating good tonight.

On Thursday at The Open Championship, Kim rocked one of the unique sweaters I have ever seen on a golf course. It was somewhere between “thrown up alphabet soup” and one of the sickest outfits probably ever worn at St Andrews.

Kim’s fashion choice was a muted blue sweater with big, white “P,” “G,” “A” and “T” letters placed across it. There was also some gray and black in there to add contrast to the PGA Tour piece of apparel. With swirling winds and temperatures in the mid-60’s today in Scotland, Kim was appropriately dressed for the elements as well.

Based on other photos of 27-year-old South Korean playing in previous tournaments, this seems like this is one of his more aggressive looks. He typically elects to dress more moderately, but chose an outgoing outfit for his debut at the 150th Open Championship.

I do not know about y’all, but if this thing is available at a reasonable price I am adding it to my wardrobe A.S.A.P.

Wild Wardrobe Propels South Korean to Strong First Round

Si Woo Kim’s unique outfit came to light on Thursday when he was shown during USA Network’s broadcast. After chunking one in the greenside bunker on the 17th “Road Hole” on the Old Course, he tried a second time. The ball rolled across the green, hit the flagstick and dropped into the cup for an incredible par. He tossed his club up in the air in celebration and high-fived his caddie.

Kim shot a first-round -3, posting an opening score of 69 (nice) at St Andrews. He currently stands tied for 13th place with 54 holes to go. We are all anxiously awaiting what wardrobe he has in store for us tomorrow.