Simone Biles Breaks Silence After Withdrawing from Olympic Events

by Samantha Whidden

Following a crazy 48 hours of either intense criticism or overwhelming support, gymnastic icon Simone Biles took to her Twitter account to share her gratitude for those who have continuously stood by her after she withdrew from the team and individual gymnastics events at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

“The outpouring love [and] support I’ve received has made me realize I’m more than my accomplishments and gymnastics,” Simone Biles writes in the tweet. “Which I never truly believed before. “

Simone Biles announced on Tuesday (July 27th) that she was withdrawing from the team gymnastics events due to mental health concerns that were distracting her. Team USA women’s gymnastics team earned the silver medal behind the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC). She withdrew from the individual events on Wednesday (July 28th) citing the same concerns.

Prior to announcing her decision to withdraw, Simone addressed some of her mistakes during prelims. “It wasn’t an easy day or my best but I got through it,” she explains. Biles then says she truly feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders at times. Simone also knows that she can brush up and make it seem like the pressure doesn’t bother her but it’s easier said than done. 

Simone Biles spoke about the medals by writing on Instagram, “I’m SO proud of these girls right here. I’ll forever be inspired by your determination to not give up and fight through adversity! They stepped up when I couldn’t. Thanks for being there for me and having my back!”

Jordan Chiles & Other Members of Team USA Gymnastics Show Support For Simone Biles

Jordan Chiles, a member of Team USA Gymnastics team responded to Simone Biles’ Instagram post by commenting, “You will forever be loved. We can’t thank you. You have such a huge inspiration for all of us. We wouldn’t have done it without you. Love you mo!” 

She also dedicated her latest Instagram post to Simone Biles. “To my best friend, just thinking about everything we have gone through together. From us getting mad at each other for no reason to laughing at jokes,” she writes. “To bringing the love of this sport back to me.” 

Jordan then says she couldn’t find the words to explain how proud she is of Simone and how much she loves her. “[I] am literally crying just thinking about everything. WE did this together.” 

Sunisa Lee, another team member, also wrote a special post about Simone. “Proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished. Thank you for being a role model and someone I look up to every single day,” she wrote.  Lee adds that Biles not only inspires her as a gymnast but as a person as well. “Your fearlessness and ability to do the impossible does not go unnoticed. We love you!!”