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Skip Bayless Slams Kansas City Chiefs Ahead of Playoffs: ‘On Borrowed Time’

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Christopher Capozziello/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

The king of hot takes has done it again! While Skip Bayless does make some pretty bold statements and predictions, his trashing of the Kansas City Chiefs might take the cake.

On his FS1 program, Undisputed, with Shannon Sharpe, Bayless claimed that the 14-1 Chiefs are overrated. Following a 17-14 win over the 4-11 Atlanta Falcons, he believes that the Chiefs have lost a ton of steam.

“I believe the glass is half empty, not a glass half full,” Bayless said on his show. “I believe your Chiefs are on borrowed time right now because this is what have you done for me lately.”

Bayless goes on to discuss the Chief’s margin of victory on their seven-game win streak. According to Bayless, that is
“the lowest margin of victory in NFL history” for a winning streak of that length at 3.9 points on average. He then listed those seven games, none of which seemed impressive.

Most notably unimpressive would be the two-point victory over the Carolina Panthers and the three-point victory over the Atlanta Falcons last week. Those two teams combined for nine total wins– five less than the Chiefs have in total.

While they did defeat some relatively good teams in the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers–as Skip Bayless pointed out– neither win seemed that convincing.

Where Skip Bayless Got it Wrong

While Skip Bayless does make some good points in their last seven games, the Chiefs’ winning streak is actually ten games. In the three games of that winning streak that he did not mention, the Chiefs won by a total of 62-42. They defeated a very solid Buffalo Bills in this span. With that said, they also beat the New York Jets, who until two weeks ago, was the worst team in football.

Also, winning football games in the NFL is difficult no matter who you play. Sure, some teams have better records, some teams have better players, but at the end of the day, every team in the NFL has the best of the best athletes and football players in the country. No team will give up easily.

So, no matter what the margin of victory is, no matter what the teams are, a 14-1 record is still a 14-1 record. It still means the Kansas City Chiefs have beaten fourteen of the fifteen teams they have faced. So Skip Bayless can say that the Chiefs live on borrowed time, but at the end of the day, they remain the best team in the NFL.