Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tells Hilarious Story About Hiding in Hay Field for 6 Hours to Dodge ‘Whoopin’ From His Dad

by Matthew Memrick

NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently told a great story about how he had to hide in a hayfield for six hours to avoid his dad and a “whoopin’.”

On the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast, Earnhardt Jr. told a story about how his dad, the late legendary NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr., tried to dish out some punishment.

Earnhardt told the podcast he was at a friend’s house and used some choice words, thinking he could because it was just the two of them. Junior grew up in Kannapolis, N.C., before moving down the road to Mooresville, N.C. He graduated from Mooresville High School in 1992 before working his way into NASCAR’s top circuit.

“(Junior’s buddy) had this wicked little video game machine, like, before Nintendo and I was playing this little football game on it, Earnhardt Jr. said. “And something happened, and I said ‘s**t’ or F-bomb or something, and his dad happened to be walkin’ in the front door.”

The dad, who was close with Earnhardt Sr., looked at Junior and said, “‘You need to get home.’”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hid 6 Hours From His Dad

Nicknamed “The Intimidator” for his racing style on the track, Dale Earnhardt Sr. was also fiery off it. 

In the podcast, Junior said he compiled and soon found out that the dads talked about the incident. Hours later, Dale Earnhardt Sr. came home. 

Junior said his dad was already walking in the bedroom and pulling his belt off. He looked around and found a way out of the house before his dad could get to him.

“And I got to the door,” Earnhardt Jr. recalled. “And down the hall and out the front door, across the front yard, across the street, and into this hayfield and over this erosion ditch and dove into the ditch and just laid there for six hours.”

While he was in the ditch, Junior looked up once and saw Earnhardt Sr. looking for him. He snuck back down and managed to wait out the punishment.

After dodging his dad, Earnhardt Jr. said: “I’m like ‘Man, I ain’t gettin’ no whoopin’ today. Not happening. Not today.’”

Eventually, Dale Jr. did go back to the house after all that time, lying in the hayfield near his home. After all that time had gone by, his dad managed to cool off and calm down. No whoopin’ happened that day.

Earnhardt Jr. admitted to getting his share of whuppings. Over the years, and knew that it would be incredibly worse when the belt came off.

The two were very close and raced together early in Junior’s career before Earnhardt Sr. ’s fatal 2001 Daytona crash. 

Dale Earnhardt Jr. went on to win 26 races, including the Daytona 500 twice. Notably, he scored NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver Award for 15 straight years (2003-2017). He retired from full-time driving due to concussions and now races part-time while doing some racing TV commentary work.