SMU’s Pony Mascot Causes Major Delay After Making a Mess on the Field

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Live mascots are great, they make college football fun. However, SMU’s live pony made a mess that caused a 15+ minute delay. You know when you’re at a parade and the horses have those little canvas sacks behind them? Well, that’s so the streets don’t get filled up with literal crap.

While the folks at SMU have done plenty of games with the pony, they seem to have forgotten that all of God’s creatures have to go to the bathroom every once in a while. It just so happened this time was right after a touchdown. The pony runs out on the field to celebrate, and then Navy and SMU are sitting around for almost 20 minutes.

Seriously, they had to pick it up one by one by hand.

College football on Friday nights is always a gamble. They can be some really exciting games that no one else watches but you, or they can have hilarious moments like this. Only in the NCAA.

The Midshipmen and Mustangs have put on a good show for fans at home and in the stands. Both teams had losing records coming into the night and touchdowns were plentiful. For the Midshipmen, things went a little haywire in the third quarter for Navy as the home team SMU put up 20 points.

Fans Laugh at SMU Game Delay

Of course, when you’re watching a football game and a horse causes a poop delay, you have to laugh about it. Nothing defines college athletics more than having college students pick up after a horse by hand as thousands of people watch. Forget players faking injuries for timeouts, just send the pony out on the field and get a good 15-minute break.

Now, I would never talk bad about the good people at Southern Methodist, but this college football fan thinks that this is a bit too much. Those students probably had to take a midterm history final today for four hours and now they’re picking up feces by hand.

Not an ideal Friday.

SMU has a great celebration and a fun live mascot. Navy is going to look back on this game and probably feel pretty…crappy…if they aren’t able to pull out the win.