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Soccer Commentator Loses His Mind After Goal, Says Some Really Weird Things

by Daniel Morrison
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Soccer is supposed to be the beautiful game. However, like anything else, there are times when it can devolve a bit. That’s exactly what happened when a commentator lost his mind after a goal during an indoor soccer match.

It was a fairly remarkable goal, which saw a player go the length of the field and beat several players before scoring single-handily. So, you can see why soccer commentator Joey Zanaboni got so excited.

You can watch his reaction and call on the goal, here:

“Smoother than an artificial Christmas tree decorated with miniature Lubriderm bottles,” Zanaboni shouted.

Soccer commentators are known for their excited and at times ever deranged goal calls. It seems like that’s what the commentator is going for here. However, it didn’t quite come out the way that he intended.

Zanaboni embraced the silliness of his call on Twitter, at least. He tweeted out a video of the call with the caption, “Is this the craziest goal call in the history of American soccer? RT for yes, tag a friend for no!”

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