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Soccer Legend, Pele, Hospitalized

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Xavi Torrent/Getty Images for Pele)

Brazilian soccer legend Pele was reportedly hospitalized earlier this week just one year after being diagnosed with colon cancer. 

According to TMZ, while Pele has been undergoing treatment for colon cancer, the 82-year-old’s daughter assured the public that there is “no emergency” in regard to his health. However, following his recent stance at a Sao Paolo medical facility, the soccer star’s was reported as “worsening,” according to ESPN Brazil. The media outlet also reported that Pele had experienced “general swelling” as well as cardiac issues. There were also concerns that his cancer treatment, which consists of chemotherapy, wasn’t working.

Pele’s daughter further explained that there wasn’t a need to panic for him and he hasn’t received any bad news regarding his health. “I will be there for New Years and promise to post some pictures,” she shared. “Really and truly, we appreciate the concern and love!!”

Pele previously had a tumor removed in September 2021 and had undergone chemotherapy treatments as well. Prior to his recent hospitalization, the soccer legend took to his Instagram account to celebrate his 82nd birthday. “On my birthday, I just want to express my gratitude,” he declared on October 23rd. “Life is good. Turning 82 with my family, in good health, is the best gift. Thank you for everything I have received.”

Pele is considered the greatest soccer player of all time. During his extensive soccer career, he won three World Cup titles. Following his days on the field, the soccer star became Brazil’s first Minister of Sports. 

Pele Shares His Excitement For the 2022 World Cup 

While celebrating the 2022 World Cup, Pele took to Instagram to share his thoughts about the exciting soccer event. “Yesterday, the biggest and best event in the world began,” he declared. “And I am excited to see how all the drama and excitement unfolds over the next month.”

Pele then spoke about the importance of sportsmanship during the World Cup. “No matter the size and tradition of the opponents: we must respect and play each match with the focus of a final. It is important to play beautifully, yes, but it is also essential to leave everything on the pitch.”

Pele further shared that fans are cheering on Brazil’s soccer team as they head to the event. “Today, we will be more than 200 million hearts beating as one, vibrating with each achievement of our Seleção. I send these pictures to inspire you guys. On purpose, I didn’t choose the photos of dribbles, but those of battles. I am sending all positive energies to you. I’m sure we’ll have a happy ending. God bless you. Bring this trophy home!”

Brazil previously won against Serbia and Switzerland. The team will be taking on Cameroon on Friday (December 2nd).