Social Media Blasts Cleveland Browns Owners Over Statement on Deshaun Watson’s Suspension

by Dustin Schutte

The news of Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension for the 2022 NFL season already stirred up plenty of anger on social media. Cleveland Browns ownership didn’t do itself any favors with a statement released on Monday afternoon following the decision.

Social media unleashed its fury following a statement from Dee and Jimmy Haslam, owners of the Browns. You can read the full statement here. However, it appears that certain aspects of the release are under fire.

“We respect Judge Robinson’s decision, and at the same time, empathize and understand that there have been many individuals triggered throughout this process,” the statement reads.

“We know Deshaun is remorseful that this situation has caused much heartache to many and he will continue the work needed to show who he is on and off the field, and we will continue to support him.”

The six-game suspension for Watson comes after he faced 26 allegations of sexual misconduct. The quarterback also faced 24 civil lawsuits from the accusations, and Watson’s legal team settled 20 of those cases.

In response to the statement from Cleveland Browns’ ownership, social media erupted:

“So, how can he be remorseful and innocent at the same time,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Did y’all try to write the worse response possible or was it an accident,” another said.

Deshaun Watson Returns to Cleveland Browns Training Camp

Just a few hours after the announcement of Deshaun Watson’s six-game-suspension, the quarterback hit the field at Cleveland Browns training camp. Fans in attendance showed support for the controversial QB.

Fans applauded Watson’s arrival at practice. Videos of the quarterback’s return to the field made their way to Twitter:

Watson’s six-game suspension came as somewhat of a surprise. Rumors swirled that the NFL might implement a season-long ban for the quarterback considering the serious nature of the allegations. Instead, he’ll miss fewer than half of the 17-game season.

The last time Watson played in an NFL game came in January 2021.