Social Media Reacts After Former NFL Running Back Marion Barber III’s Cause of Death Gets Revealed

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Shocking news on Monday revealed that former NFL running back Marion Barber III died of a heat stroke in his own apartment in Texas on June 1. He had turned the thermostat up to 91 degrees in his apartment and was running a hot bath.

Barber’s attorney said he showed “no signs of trouble” leading up to his death. According to sources, he had a documented history of exercising in “sauna-like conditions.”

Upon learning this update on Barber’s passing, Twitter users reacted accordingly. There was plenty of shock and grief, and even some doubt.

With all due respect to @HerStr8RightTho, I believe the facts here. There is no conspiracy, just a tragic accident.

Marion Barber III Loved by Former Teammates, Coaches

When Marion Barber III passed away last month, there was an outpouring of touching messages from his former teammates and coaches. Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo tweeted out a statement.

“The Marion I will never forget was a young man that had a megawatt smile that could turn your day around in an instant,” he wrote. “His huge heart, and presence were felt the moment he walked through the door. He could bring the whole locker room together in an instant.”

He continued: “I loved being around Marion. His demeanor and spirit affect and touched more people than he ever realized. I was definitely one of those people.”

Former NFL coach Jason Garrett also added: “As great a player as Marion was, he was an even better person. He loved his teammates and his coaches and his teammates and coaches loved him. Anyone who had the great fortune to be around him knows the impact he made on all the people in his life. He made us all better.”

His high school coach Brad Anderson commented: “I can’t think of another player I’ve coached who was more well-liked by his teammates and his opponents. He was just so good, he didn’t have to do anything dirty or cheap or anything like that to win. He could just be himself.”