Social Media Reacts to Antonio Brown’s Twitter Bashing of Quarterback Tom Brady, NFL

by Patrick Norton

With Antonio Brown’s latest outburst on Twitter, the NFL world can’t wait to chime in on the receiver’s struggles. Since storming off the field in Week 17 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, “wild ride” doesn’t begin to describe the life of AB. Enjoying the eccentricities of life, Brown is back at it again, firing on all social cylinders.

After attacking the NFL and Tom Brady in a barrage of early morning tweets, many jumped in the replies to voice concern for the embattled receiver. Others opted to crack jokes at his expense. It’s tough to gauge levels of appropriateness in this situation. While some clamor for a C.T.E. diagnosis, it’s a guess lacking medical background from unknowns online.

In addition to his prominent role at Barstool Sports, Steven Cheah doubles as a Buccaneers superfan, formerly working for the franchise. Cheah tweeted his best Will Smith imitation, bluntly warning Brown to “Keep my QBs name out of your mouth.”

One fan took a much harsher tone with the receiver, referring to him as a “clown.” But Brown finds himself in an odd situation, openly critiquing Tom Brady after the quarterback sheltered the receiver in New England and again in Tampa.

Another Twitter user highlighted Antonio Brown’s hypocrisy, sharing a screen grab of an Instagram photo. While the old photo depicts Brady with his arm around Brown, the relationship remains clearly broken at this point in time.

Another Buccaneers fan voiced a similar opinion as Cheah. Brady represents more than the Patriots and Buccaneers to the NFL. With fans stretching every fan base, Brady’s die-hards don’t appreciate the legend’s name dragging through the mud.

What’s Next for Antonio Brown?

Well, it’s somewhat of a certainty that the embattled receiver does not head back to the Buccaneers. With the bridge not only burned, but still smoldering, the options for Brown aren’t plentiful. Thanks to his wild tantrums on the field and off, the baggage no longer outweighs the talent of the 34-year-old.

The best idea for Brown in the NFL remains the Dallas Cowboys. Dealing with injuries in the receiving corps, owner Jerry Jones loves a good reclamation project. However, Brown might provide a far more daunting challenge with a hefty distraction.

But that didn’t stop Brown from speaking his mind to TMZ Sports last week. The receiver said, “Tell Jerry Jones to call me.” Whether a deal comes to fruition remains unknown. But today’s outburst likely furthers the divide between Brown and NFL roster placement.