Social Media Reacts to Dennis Rodman Canceling Travel Plans to Russia to Free Brittney Griner

by Bryan Fyalkowski

“I got permission to go to Russia to help that girl. I’m trying to go this week,” Dennis Rodman said last week. Well, guess what? Shocker… he’s not actually going for Brittney Griner.

Within three days, Rodman’s plans went from heroic to hollow. Who would have thought the words of one of the most unstable people alive would end up with no actual substance?

In the wake of Rodman backtracking about saving Brittney Griner, Twitter users had lots to say regarding the former NBA star.

@kckalu514 made a good point: “As if he could, just because he said he would.”

“I wonder why he changed his mind,” @SBull713 joked.

“Dennis Rodman would be another American Pawn locked up in Russia,” @johnsonvenida3 said.

“Someone mustve knocked some sense in em (sic),” @LilPig_IW commented.

“Isn’t this more up Kim Kardashian’s alley?” @RobertC15898658 joked.

@FierceAssSistah made a great point about the probability of Dennis Rodman getting locked up, too.

@daily_tomato thinks the U.S. State Department persuaded him not to go.

Government’s Comments on Dennis Rodman’s Diplomatic Plan

The U.S. State Department was not thrilled with the idea of Dennis Rodman “helping” Griner’s situation. During his normal briefing this past Monday, spokesman Ned Price commented on him potentially going to Russia this week to play diplomat.

“We have seen through the media – and really only through the media – that Dennis Rodman has said he does intend to travel to Russia,” Price remarked, via Fox News. “I want to be clear: He would not be traveling on behalf of the U.S. government.”

Nobody is sure who Rodman got “permission” from to go on this rogue rescue mission. Although the Hall of Famer claimed that he does have a good relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was always a completely insane plan. Still, it made for some good/weird drama for a few days.