Social Media Reacts to Tragic Passing of MLB Pitcher Tim Lincecum’s Wife, Cristin

by Patrick Norton

On Friday morning, the San Francisco Giants posted a statement in mourning the tragic death of Tim Lincecum’s wife, Cristin Coleman. She died peacefully on June 27, succumbing to Stage 4 cancer. Coleman, a school teacher and principal, was 38 years old.

While the announcement comes nearly two months after Coleman’s passing, many in the baseball community found themselves caught off-guard by the news. The Daily Journal released an obituary back in July, but the post did not include the pitcher’s surname, failing to bring the story proper attention.

Due to the lack of timeliness of the situation, the Giants’ memorialization of the pitcher’s late partner drew plenty of attention on social media throughout the following hours. Many of the kind words highlight that Lincecum’s brother also passed away in 2018 unexpectedly.

One Twitter user says, “I know I speak for all Giants fans in sending out the most heartfelt condolences.”

A fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers put the heated rivalry between the clubs aside, paying tribute to Coleman. The fan said Coleman’s passing represents something “way bigger than any dumb sport.”

Another Giants fan appears at a loss for words, saying, “May you find peace somehow.”

Tim Lincecum’s Absence from San Francisco’s World Series Reunion Explained

The pitcher’s dominant stretch from 2008-11 earned back-to-back Cy Young Awards and a 2010 World Series ring. While less effective through the remainder of his San Francisco tenure, Lincecum played a pivotal role in the clubhouse while the Giants won championships in 2012 and 2014.

However, when it came time to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the 2012 World Series, Lincecum did not attend festivities at Oracle Park. Instead, fans lambasted the former pitcher for allowing a presumed beef with the organization to cause an absence.

But as Bay Area reporter Steven Rissotto said in a thread of tweets, the absence came at a harrowing moment for Lincecum. While fans failed to empathize with the 38-year-old due to the lack of knowledge, Rissotto voiced displeasure in the harsh reactions.