South Carolina Coach Bopped on Head, Doused With Huge Duke’s Mayo Jug: VIDEO

by Matthew Memrick

South Carolina coach Shane Beamer’s prize for winning the Duke’s Mayo Bowl Thursday was a hefty, ol’ dousing of mayonnaise on his head.

I don’t know. Maybe the bowl organizers should’ve reserved that honor for the losing coach, North Carolina’s Mack Brown. Or maybe Brown played it that way. South Carolina defeated North Carolina, 38-31.

Two bowl employees dripped 4.5 gallons of watered-down mayonnaise all over that first-year head coach in a staged but fun celebration, and South Carolina fans rejoiced. Beamer reportedly was reluctant earlier, but eventually, he caved to the fun promotion.

USA Today posted an 11-photo slideshow to go along with Beamer’s mayonnaise bath. It was almost like watching a Nickelodeon show with kids dropping slime on their parents, but it was white stuff in this case.

More than 838 thousand folks watched the quick video on the bowl’s official Twitter feed.

Duke’s Mayo Was Going On Winning Coach No Matter What

Last year’s bowl may have given bowl officials the idea to douse the winning coach.

At that 2020 bowl game, TV cameras caught one fan was eating mayo out of a huge plastic jar.

This year, the bowl wanted to go for a big splash.

The condiment company made no secret that they wanted the winning coach to get a mayo bath. They also agreed to donate $10,000 to the charity of Beamer’s choice. At the time, Beamer acknowledged he wasn’t a big “mayo” guy but that he’d “gladly take one for the team on that one if it means we won a football game, but woof.”

The Washington Post said Brown was warm to the idea, saying a win and the mayo shower would be “worth it.”

Even before the game, the players took part in a mayo-eating contest.

Getting To The Good Stuff

About an hour after the trophy presentation, bowl officials got the 44-year-old Beamer in a tunnel at Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium. The video streamed on ESPN’s app showed Beamer in a chair on a yellow tarp. Two women poured the mayo over the coach, starting with a good bit of those cold 4.5 gallons going down the back of his shirt.

Then, in an instant, they pulled up on the bucket and covered his red Gamecocks hat with the milky white goo before his face disappeared in the stuff. Folks could hear the coach laughing as he looked down to the tarp to see how much mayo had fallen. Or maybe he was hoping that there was no more coming out of that bucket.

“Mayonnaise has never felt so good,” Beamer told ESPN after getting covered in mayo.

He also joked the bath was everything he “dreamed of” and that “it was a little heavy, for sure.” There had to be a least a gallon logged in the back of his polo shirt.