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Jerry Jones’ Supported Texas Sports Betting Legalization Bill Gets Pushback from Mattress Mack

by Griffin McVeigh
Mattress Mack First Pitch
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Sports betting is becoming legal across the United States and Texas wants to become the latest to join the party. Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones has supported a bill written down in Austin, hoping to keep Texans inside the state.

“A legal and regulated sports betting market is what’s best for Texas and I applaud Senator Kolkhorst and Representative Leach for filing the legislation,” Jones said in a statement. “It will give Texans the ability to decide for themselves if they want this activity safely regulated or continue to be conducted in the shadows by out-of-state betting platforms.”

At the time of posting, 29 states plus Washington D.C. have legalized sports betting. Many back the idea alongside Jones, including Houston Astros owner Jim Crane.

A bill approval would be a major milestone for the state. Texas does not even have casinos within their borders, with many driving to Oklahoma or Louisiana to gamble.

However, not everybody is in favor of betting becoming legal in the Lone Star State. Arguably the most famous gambler from Texas, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale is against the idea. He explained his reasoning with the danger of having gambling at his disposal.

“My change of heart is that I know myself and I’ve seen the light as far as impulsiveness on me to sports gambling,” McIngvale said. “Because I’ve got to drive to Louisiana, it limits those impulses by a factor of 1,000. So I’m not in favor of sports gambling in Texas.”

Mattress Mack Not In Favor Of Texas Legalizing Sports Betting

Mattress Mack is most famous for his sizable bets being placed on teams to win championships in their respective sports. Most recently, he cashed a huge $75 million bet on the Houston Astros winning the World Series. The Dallas Cowboys received a Super Bowl one this season as well.

Being located in the Houston area, Louisiana is just a short drive for McIngvale. However, he could soon be making high-stakes bets from his own couch. Or his mattress, I guess. But if things go his way, the bill will never pass.

With McIngvale making his name on social media by placing large bets, seeing him be against the bill is a confusing one. He must enjoy the thrill of driving across state lines to place down his massive wagers while thinking everything out.