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Sports Fans Still Against Attending Games Without COVID-19 Vaccine

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

Based on a recent poll conducted by Seton Hall University’s Sharkey Institute, the majority of American adults would rather not attend an indoor sporting event before a COVID-19 vaccine is available to the public. Even with social distancing and masking, 60% of adults would still rather wait.

Another poll regarding outdoor sporting events received a similar response. 58% of the 1,506 adults questioned claimed that they would also wait until a vaccine came out before attending outdoor sporting events. This included social distancing protocols and masking policies.

This set of studies certainly showed a slight increase in interest since the first study of its kind. This similar poll was conducted in April just after the sporting world came to a halt. The results of this study showed that 72% of Americans refused to go to any sporting event, indoor or outdoor, without the release of a vaccine.

This increase in interest in attending events wields a double-edged sword. On one hand, those who rely on ticket sales for their livelihood might see more return in income. On the other hand, it shows that many Americans have become complacent with the coronavirus.

Vaccine Breakthrough

In more promising news, not one, but two companies have recently claimed to have a vaccine pass the testing phase with a 90% or more success rate. Pfizer’s vaccine clocked a 90% success rate while BioNtech’s candidate came in at 95% or higher. Some studies warned about a decreased response rate in the elderly. However, BioNTech claimed it only dropped to a 94% success rate with people over 65 years old.

With two plausible candidates for a COVID-19 vaccine, live sports could be on their way back into fashion. If the numbers are true, ticket sales could increase very soon. It’s tough to say what the timeline of these vaccines is, but the news is promising. Hopefully, sports will return with some semblance of normalcy sometime next year.