Star Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Coors Light Cleverly Skirt NFL Policy in New Commercial

by Bryan Fyalkowski

There is a longstanding NFL policy that active players cannot appear in commercials that promote alcohol. This week, Coors Light teamed up with Patrick Mahomes and found a creative way to skirt around that mandate.

The new 60-second commercial starts: “This summer, we tapped star quarterback Patrick Mahomes to be in a promo for Coors Light. Turns out, we overlooked the fact that he can’t actually promote Coors Light.”

Mahomes then appears on the screen, walks into the kitchen and opens up the fridge. He pulls out a silver flashlight and remarks: “It’s a flashlight…?”

Yep, it is a “THE Coors Light,” not just a “Coors Light.” Important to note the difference.

For the rest of the commercial, the 26-year-old Super Bowl champion is seen playing with the flashlight – carrying and tossing it around. Meanwhile, the narrator notes its features – which are eerily similar to an ice-cold beer.

“It’s a play on words and we love the pun,” Chris Steele, Coors Light’s senior director of marketing, shared with Forbes. “It’s a way for him to have a fun, little campaign with Coors Light while still following all the rules.”

Brilliant marketing vision here by the brand, which tells viewers to visit, where they could buy a “The Coors Light” while supplies last. All proceeds go to the quarterback’s 15 and the Mahomies Foundation.

According to Adweek, limited batches of flashlights were made available each of the past few days at a price of $15. They are currently out of stock.

Seems like a great deal for all involved. Coors Light gets a unique commercial with an NFL star. Mahomes gets to raise funds and awareness for his charity.

Patrick Mahomes Continues Promoting Coors Light

According to Forbes, Patrick Mahomes and Coors Light began a partnership together after the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV. He was pictured drinking a Silver Bullet while celebrating the team’s win.

“It’s his authentic love for the brand. He’s been drinking Coors Light for a long time based on it being his dad’s favorite beer,” Steele said. “Being a superstar quarterback and an all-around good guy certainly doesn’t hurt.”

When Mahomes was also seen drinking a Coors Light during last month’s The Match golf event. Sports business reporter Darren Rovell estimates he gave the brand $110,000 worth of advertising.

Mahomes is also an endorser or partner of Adidas, Airshare, BioSteel, Bose, CommunityAmerica Credit Union, DIRECTV, Electronic Arts, Essentia Water, GEHA, Head & Shoulders, Hyperice, Hy-Vee, Oakley, State Farm and Whoop.

Regardless of how many sponsorship dollars he brings in, Mahomes is in the middle of a 10-year, $450 million deal with the Chiefs. Cheers!