Steelers vs. Browns: NFL Fans Are Baffled By Tony Gonzalez’s Silver Gloves on TNF

by Nick Geddes

It’s a brisk 60 degrees in Cleveland for the Browns’ Week 3 showdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Amazon‘s “Thursday Night Football.” You wouldn’t know that if you observed Tony Gonzalez on the pregame panel.

Tony Gonzalez is a bit chilly, sporting some winter gloves in the middle of September. We can only imagine his getup once we get into November and December and, you know, it’s actually cold. Let’s just hope Buffalo isn’t on his calendar at the very least.

Anyways, those watching at home are baffled by Gonzalez’s silver gloves and gave their thoughts on social media.

On second glance, it’s hard not to see a little “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” in Gonzalez’s gloves. Social media agrees.

Steelers, Browns Face-Off in AFC North Matchup

Thursday night’s tilt is the third start for quarterback Mitchell Trubisky for Pittsburgh, coming off two inconsistent performances.

Trubisky and the Steelers’ offense struggled in their 17-14 Week 2 loss against the New England Patriots on Sunday. A loud and boisterous “Kenny” chant cascaded from the top down of Acrisure Stadium as the Pittsburgh faithful made it known that they wanted to see Kenny Pickett under center.

But don’t get your hopes up, Steelers fans. This is still Trubisky’s team — for now. The 2022 first-round pick’s time may come at some point this season, but Trubisky will get more of an opportunity to iron out the kinks with the offense. Head coach Mike Tomlin indicated such on the recent edition his weekly show.

“We’re two weeks in,” Tomlin said, via Steelers Depot. “I’m not even in the neighborhood of having discussions like that, man. I’m more concerned about out collective growth and development and what we’re putting together in terms of what we desire to do to engineer victory and he’s just simply a component of it.”