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Steelers Fans Disappointed in TJ Watt’s Quiet Performance Against Colts on MNF

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

While the Steelers ultimately came away with the win, linebacker TJ Watt had a quiet night that had fans feeling a little disappointed. Watt has been the anchor of this Pittsburgh defense for some time. While he missed out on a bulk of games due to injury, he’s now back on the field.

Tonight’s Monday Night Football game was just the third game back from injury for TJ Watt. So, it is understandable if he still has some rust he’s knocking off. It is hard to get back out there and keep going like nothing happened. Spending weeks away from the game can be tough.

Late in the game, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck brought up the fact that Watt only had a single tackle at the time. He didn’t rack up a whole lot more after that, either. He finished with just 2.5 tackles.

It definitely wasn’t the best performance ever from the star linebacker.

Steelers Fans Let Down By TJ Watt’s Performance

While there were Steelers fans that wished TJ Watt had a few more tackles during the game, they couldn’t blame him too much. Some folks were ready to forgive Watt for the performance given the conditions he performed under. Do you agree with this fan take?

“Week after week I ask myself what it would take for TJ Watt to draw a flag,” the fan tweeted. “Grabbed around the neck, tackled, shoved in the back, you name it, dude just doesn’t get any love. DPOY season he didn’t draw a single holding flag.”

Another fan had a clever idea. Let’s see what Watt can do trying to catch the ball if he can’t tackle on the defensive side. It would be something special to see, that’s for sure.

“Maybe TJ Watt should play WR and Pickens can rush the QB. Might work out better for this sorry outfit,” the angry fan tweeted.

Then again, maybe this Colts offense was able to just shut down Watt. That’s always a possibility. Good scheming might have led to Watt’s poor performance.

“Has any team ever bottled up TJ Watt like the Colts have tonight? This has been incredible,” a user on Twitter sent out.

This game ended with the Steelers winning 24-17. While TJ Watt didn’t have the best of games, his team picks up the W and that’s the only thing that really matters.