Steelers QB Kenny Pickett Fed Up With ‘Insane’ Pittsburgh Offense

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Kenny Pickett might be a rookie quarterback, but he’s quite capable of noticing when things don’t work. That’s the case for the Pittsburgh Steelers offense through the first eight games.

The Pittsburgh offense sputtered again on Sunday, losing 35-13 to the Philadelphia Eagles. After the game, Pickett made some interesting comments that indicate he’s already fed up with some of the scheme.

“Something’s got to change, right? It’s insane to do the same thing over and over and expect something different,” Pickett said, according to Brian Batko of the Post-Gazette. “We’ve been having these problems all year, that has to get changed.”

Pickett finished Sunday’s game completing 25-of-38 passes for 191 yards with two fumbles (one lost) and an interception. The Eagles sacked the rookie quarterback six times in the game.

Through his first four games as a starter, Pickett and the Steelers have struggled. He’s been sacked 12 times and has thrown seven interceptions with just two touchdowns. What’s more disappointing than that? The rookie quarterback says it’s the mental mistakes.

“Guys need to know what they’re doing. We need to study more. I don’t think we study enough as a group. There’s way too many penalties and stuff like that which we can control. It’s all mental. So for that to happen, there’s really no excuse for that. We have to figure that out and get it right.”

Bill Cowher Calls Out Steelers for Mismanaging Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett isn’t alone in his frustration with the Pittsburgh Steelers offense. Former head coach and current NFL on CBS analyst Bill Cowher also voiced some major concerns.

After Pittsburgh’s blowout loss, Cowher sounded off on the coaching staff in Pittsburgh. He believes the team is seriously mismanaging the rookie quarterback.

“You’re transitioning to a new quarterback, OK. And right now, I get worried about his confidence,” Cowher said. “I’ve seen this happen to other quarterbacks — take the ball out of his hands. Don’t ask him to do as much as you’re asking him to do.

“You’re 2-6. Understand it’s a period of transition. What’s in the best interest to develop this quarterback, who’s your quarterback of the future, without destroying his confidence?”

Considering how poorly the offense has executed this season, Cowher might be on to something. Pickett can’t continue to throw picks and take sacks and maintain his confidence as an NFL quarterback.