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Steelers Replace Kenny Pickett With Mitch Trubisky After Vicious Hit, Social Media Sounds Off

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

A vicious hit to Steelers QB Kenny Pickett during today’s game against the Baltimore Ravens forced Pittsburgh to replace him with backup Mitch Trubisky – but it didn’t play out quite that smoothly.

First, Pickett was evaluated for a concussion after the first drive following the sack from Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith on Pittsburgh’s first possession. Though he was slammed to the turf in a brutal hit, the Steelers QB was cleared to return from the medical tent, playing the next drive without incident.

Only after the second drive was he replaced by Trubisky, heading to the locker room for a second evaluation of his possible concussion.

The confusion left NFL fans with a mix of concern, outrage, and sorrow, many taking to social media to share their thoughts. “How are you cleared, play a drive, then get taken out for a concussion???” one confused fan wrote. “Losing season incoming,” another lamented. “It sucks to see Kenny Pickett go out with a concussion today. Always tough for a young player to lose valuable development time,” added a third.

“That’s a lot of concussions this early in his NFL career,” a concerned fan noted. “It’s Kenny Pickett’s second concussion already. His career isn’t gonna last very long,” another agreed.

Many fans criticized the concussion protocol that allowed the Steelers QB to return to the field only to leave again minutes later. “Kenny Pickett gets hit CLEARS concussion protocol goes back on the field and doesn’t get touched. Proceeded to renter protocol and is then declared out. How and why did he get cleared from the initial protocol? The system is broke. The NFL needs to wake up,” one fan raged.

Kenny Pickett Concussion Marks the Second of His Career as Steelers QB

Earlier this year, Steelers QB Kenny Pickett missed most of the second half against Tampa Bay due to a concussion. Should he receive an official concussion diagnosis this time, it would mark the second of his short NFL career. Only 24 years old, Pickett was selected by the Steelers in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

A free agent acquisition, Steelers backup QB Mitch Trubisky has played five games this season. In that time, he completed 60% of his passes for 797 yards. He tossed for three touchdowns as well as two interceptions.

Sunday marked Trubisky’s first appearance since replacing Pickett following his first concussion in the Buccaneers game back in Week 6.

Against the Ravens, Trubisky helped engineer a touchdown drive on his first possession. After a hook up with wide receiver George Pickens, the Steelers punched it in with a short run from running back Najee Harris.