Steelers’ TJ Watt Says He Expects To Return in Week 10 Against the Saints

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

Rejoice, Pittsburgh Steelers fans because TJ Watt is back in action this Sunday for an NFL Sunday matchup with the New Orleans Saints. So, there have been issues for the Steelers this season that’s for sure. Hopefully gaining a valuable member of the defense back will help those issues.

TJ Watt was injured in Week 1 after he tore his pectoral muscle. There was a worry that he would have to sit out the rest of the season. However, a second opinion was able to save his season. Now, after weeks of rehabbing and working, he’s going to get back out on the field.

Watt was available to talk to the media on Friday. The question was asked, and he responded in the affirmative. He’s going to play.

Now, saying TJ Watt is an important piece of the defense is understating his role. Watt is THE defensive player for this Steelers team. For all of the offensive struggles this team has had, we’ve seen what Watt’s defense can do. Pittsburgh isn’t the best team in the league with Watt, but they would be better than 2-6 this season if he hadn’t been out so long.

The Steelers have three single-digit losses that could have been burned around if they just had one or two more plays on defense.

TJ Watt Battled Through Injury

While TJ Watt was on the sideline, he had to fight back to get on the field. These injuries aren’t easy to get over, and once he healed up, he had setbacks. The linebacker could have returned sooner if he hadn’t reinjured his pectoral muscle back in October.

However, it was just a couple of weeks ago when Watt returned to practice. Clearly, he was able to progress and remain healthy. So, he’s going to suit up and get back out there to help his team get a win. That could go well, or we might see another disaster for the Steelers.

Sunday is going to be a big test for TJ Watt. We will all see if he is ready to get back to his former self. The Steelers sure could use a boost any way that they can get it.