Steelers vs. Browns: NFL Fans Brace Themselves for Long Game as High Winds Wreak Havoc in Cleveland

by Jonathan Howard

Tonight’s NFL Thursday Night Football game between the Steelers and Browns might be a little hard to watch at times with strong winds. High winds are causing more than a few issues for players and fans. It isn’t really the passing game that’s going to suffer, but the kickers that will be largely affected. Early on we’ve already seen one missed field goal attempt.

When the kicks aren’t falling, fans get frustrated. When you’re missing three points here and there it starts to add up. Check out this attempt get swiped away from the Steelers kicker Christopher Boswell.

Steelers, Browns Struggle with Wind

Both of these teams could use a good game. If it comes down to a kicking battle then this could get ugly. Teams are going to try and punch it into the endzone as much as they can. Leaving it up to the foot won’t work for either team.

If you noticed during the broadcast, Al Michaels called it out. He knew what the issue was, not just wind, but wind shear was causing issues. This happens when wind velocity changes. It ends up causing a rotation of the ball, changing the trajectory. With a steady wind, you can kick against it. When it is unpredictable like this, you can only do so much.

It isn’t just a Steelers issue when it comes to the wind, it’s plaguing both teams early on. With the extra point being farther back than say 10 years ago, it’s enough of a difference to cause misses like this one from Cleveland. Tough break for the Browns.

Thursday Night Football Still Has Highlights

While the Steelers and Browns had issues with the wind, there are still plays to be made. Pittsburgh has been getting used to their new quarterback after the Ben Rothlisberger era. Mitch Trubisky has been throwing the ball well to start the night.

One thing that Steelers fans should be happy about is their rookie George Pickens. The young wideout made what might end up being the play of the game with a one-handed grab. If he can keep that level of play going, he will find himself more targets and more catches throughout the season.