Steelers vs. Browns: NFL Fans Furious About ‘Unsportsmanlike’ Body Slam on Browns’ LB Anthony Walker Jr.

by Jonathan Howard

The second half of the Steelers and Browns Thursday Night NFL game took a turn for the worst when Anthony Walker Jr. went down with an injury. But what happened after that was even stranger. Walker appeared to hurt his knee as he was cutting, and the linebacker fell to the ground flat, taking himself out of the play. That’s when a Steelers offensive lineman body slammed him.

In the heat of the moment, things happen. But watching this video, it’s clear why many fans are puzzled and many very upset about the move. It was deemed “unsportsmanlike” by many fans despite no flag on the play. Anthony Walker Jr. was later carted off the field.

Fans Go Wild Over Anthony Walker Jr. Injury

Immediately, fans took to Twitter to talk about what they saw. It was a strange moment for sure. A player was clearly injured and then a play was made on that player with a tough slam. Some fans thought this was a continuation of what this rivalry is.

These referees are not going to be hearing the end of this one any time soon. Fans have flooded the NFL Officiating page and replied to their most recent tweets to voice their anger over the lack of an unsportsmanlike flag.

Steelers and Browns get intense from time to time. But when you see things like this happen to a player like it did Anthony Walker Jr. The linebacker was drafted in 2017 by the Indianapolis Colts after a college career at Northwestern. Fans will be hoping for the best as news comes out about the injury.

Steelers and Browns Battle Strong Winds

For those of you out there that love to hammer the over, tonight didn’t look like a great night for it. However, a 38-point O/U isn’t much, even when you’re battling the wind. These were strong wind shears that caused fits for the kickers of the Steelers and Browns. With wind shear, it makes it even harder to predict what the wind will do to the ball. So, it’s not as simple as just kicking against the wind.

Despite the wind, these two teams are doing their best to score as many points as they can. Some poor bettor is going to find themselves on the wrong end of a bad beat. Especially after a missed 3-pt attempt and an extra point. Those are the joys and pitfalls of sports betting, though.

One of these teams will finish the night and feel like the wind did nothing to hinder their efforts. Let’s see who it is.